Playstation 2 Wins?

TheGamersHub Writes:

"It was announced today by Major Nelson that in a few months the Original Xbox's Live capabilities will be shut off. How sad. Everyone weeps for the 3 people who still play Original Xbox Live and haven't yet upgraded to a Xbox 360 or a PS3 maybe even a Wii."

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ghamdikh33237d ago


blitz06233237d ago

PS2 already won before the Xbox came out

jmd7493237d ago

what a stupid article. the xbox and gamecube lost from the day they were discontinued by MS and nin.

why did i even dignify this trite article with a response? shame on me...

meetajhu3237d ago

Agreed PS2 won long time back. Man even todays consoles can't match the beauty of PS2 fat one. THe design is sleek. I still have my launch PS2 work 100%. Love Sony!

darkmurder3237d ago

Xbox beat the Ps2's graphics though, alas this time its the other way around.

sikbeta3237d ago

Wait, there are Actually People that still don't know about that, I mean Come On PS2 is still a Beast

Way to be Delusional...

darkmurder3237d ago

Ok? So what your all saying is xbox 360 is more powerful this time? Right... go pc kicks both asses

Montrealien3237d ago

PS2 was the king last gen, one could only dream to have the PS3 achieve the same kind of market share. With that said....

My PS2 online experience ended when sony killed the Amplitude/frequency servers being shut down. I love my PS2 online experience so much....

darthv723237d ago

he makes a valid point but gets hit with disagrees.

xbox was more powerful than ps2. No denying that. Sometimes it isnt always about power but games and the amount of enjoyability you get from the system.

NES beat out master system. 2600 beat out colecovision. Genesis beat out SNES (for a while at least). wii is beating 360 and ps3 currently.

In various gens it wasnt always the system with the most powerful specs that led.

On topic...ps2 wins what exactly? just because xbox's live support (ha ha life support)is being discontinued doesnt mean you cant still play the games or the system.

I have moved on to this gen. Many who havent should do the same.

DJ3237d ago

Agreed. I laughed hard when it was announced nVidia was switching from Xbox to PlayStation.

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Karooo3237d ago

Ban this site from n4g please.

quadalupeupe3237d ago

LOLOLOL OLOLOL OLOL This makes you realize that everything you are buying on your 360 will be pretty much un-useable once the next consoles come... can you imagine you have all those cool things on your xbox, then the harddrive dies, and there is no Live to get it all back

CaptainMarvelQ83237d ago

that's one amazing game right there

TOSgamer3237d ago (Edited 3237d ago )

Too bad for people that still play the original xbox online. But it is too funny. Whenever the servers were pulled from a PS2 game you would get comments like "that's why I pay for Xbox live!". I can still play Crimson Skies etc with my friend/cousin forever. It cracks me up that MS is now shutting down every single Original Xbox game while there are still ps2 games online. Why do people pay for Live again? Must be the ads...

table3237d ago (Edited 3237d ago )

apparently americans love ads. I hear that is the only reason why some people watch the superbowl over there. Is this true? Ads are half the reason why i don't watch tv anymore.

NaiNaiNai3237d ago

please name a great ps2 game thats online.

cause monster hunter was shut down. MGS3 was shut down, Phatnasy star is being shutdown same for FF11 if I recall.

almost every bloody sports game was shut down, all that's left is some crappy titles no one plays...

heck even great games like amplitude are down.

Toca motorsports....come one whats left on the ps2, almost everything other then a MMO has been down for over 2-3 years now.

TOSgamer3237d ago

List of games still online as of July 2k8. Now if only have of these games are still online now that is still a hell of a lot more then will be available on the xbox after April.


NaiNaiNai3237d ago

LMFAO, killzone is still online.

That list is a bit out of date. when no one plays the game your sever is now off.

and last I checked TOCA had been down since 07.

so I highly dought that list is even close to accurate.

duplissi3237d ago


superbowl ads are just insane and over the top- they are not your normal ads.

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