iPhoneAppReviews: Lone Star Hold'em Review


Living in Texas, knowing how to play Texas Hold'em is almost required as lots of people like to play it. Lone Star Hold'em by Adduce Studios is a great way to hone your skills on the go and without needing others to play with you.

When I first launched the app, I was met with nice graphics. The art was great and was a nice touch to a great game. The navigation throughout the game was easy and was not confusing to find your way through the app. For those of you who don't know what Texas Hold'em is, it is a type of two-card poker. At the beginning of the app, you get to choose your opponents for the round who range in difficulty. When you choose the opponent, their stat card appears with their description, games played and games won. There is also a play now button to choose them. After choosing three other opponents, you get $50,000 to start off. The game deals you your cards and you can check, fold, or raise the bet. I found the system of using a scroll wheel type thing to raise the bet inaccurate to use. I would have rather had a keypad input to raise the bet rather than scrolling and taking forever to get exactly to what I wanted to bet.

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