Rumor: New Sonic 4 Details Revealed

Code from the Sonic 4 official website has surfaced, and indicates that there may be multiple playable characters in the new episodic game.

The site code also points toward another platform release, and indicates that the first episode will have four zones.

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indiemike3234d ago

Who here trusts the flash code? Anyone else excited about this game?

IanCube3234d ago

This is way more than a rumor, this is nearly confirmation.

They rarely make site graphics without confirmation of what to do first.

ScottBarkman3234d ago

As a coder - I'm uber excited, and probably trust the rumors coming out of this more than anyone. Heres to Sonic making a pseudo 3d comeback

THE MAX SPEED 213234d ago

better be speculation I dont want an episodic sonic game.

and if there's other characters Only Tails and knuckles should be acceptable.

IanCube3234d ago

It's already confirmed that Sonic 4 will be episodic.

Agree with you thought that Tails and Knuckles should be in, that would rock.

indiemike3234d ago

As long as it's no more than Knuckles or Tails. I really liked having Knuckles in the Sonic 3 & Knuckles lock-on.

Though the fact that it may be talking about the platforms the game will be on makes it seem like it won't have multiple characters.

IanCube3234d ago

How can you not like Knuckles and Tails? Seriously?

ScottBarkman3234d ago

@ian - yea, knuckles fricken rocked. tails - ehhh i'll take raccoon mario over tails anyday.

SaiyanFury3233d ago

Back in the 90s SEGA's brilliant marketing idea of separating Sonic 3 into two games that would become Sonic 3 and Sonic & Knuckles. Do I agree from an economic standpoint? No. But to market such a huge game back in the mid 90s as two separate games was genius. If you don't believe me, access the level select in Sonic 3 and you'll see all of the levels from Sonic & Knuckles available, albeit not playable. Both great games, and both classic. I'm glad SEGA is returning Sonic to his home on a 2D plane. It always worked in the past when Yuji Naka was still with the team.

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IanCube3234d ago

Lots of Sonic news all the sudden with this announcement and now the rumor he may be in Galaxy 2?

Who thinks Sonic will make a big come back?

indiemike3234d ago

I agree that this could be a real comeback for Sonic, and for SEGA.

But there's no way he'll be in Mario Galaxy 2.

ScottBarkman3234d ago

no. do not mention galaxy and sonic in the same sentance.

As for sonics comback - lets face it, he never faired well in the 3d realm. Lets see if they can take one from the New super mario bros page, and re-invent a classic.

LastDance3234d ago

WHY do people act like there's no such game as sonic rush on ds???...It's sonic 2d style just like the old games.. and has been out for ages.

indiemike3234d ago

I wouldn't simplify it that much. Sonic Rush was different. And this is a DIRECT sequel to the original series, which hasn't been updated since 1994.

Plus, making games like this for handhelds compared to downloadable titles on home consoles is completely different too. It's great to see the WiiWare, XBLA, and PSN services getting something big like this.

Playing these games on the big screen instead of a handheld is so, so very different though.

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IanCube3234d ago

Anyone worried 4 Zones isn't enough? The idea of Sonic is to run as fast as you can, the game will go so quick...

Nugan3234d ago

Yes, if this is true the price better be $10 or less. But I'm expecting at least $15, in which case this will be a hard purchase to justify.

indiemike3234d ago

I doubt it will be $15. Although it will be 480p on the Wii, I'm betting they'll keep it at $10.

Then, if they make 5 episodes or so, then they could release it as a full retail game later on for $50. I could see SEGA doing that.

IanCube3234d ago

It'll be 5 episodes @ $10/each. Mark my words!

MajestieBeast3234d ago (Edited 3234d ago )

It better have as much content as megaman 9.

ScottBarkman3234d ago

Yea - megaman 9 had a good amount of content. I'm just concerned that it wont due to its episodic nature.

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