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GS says : It's a shame the entirety of Dante's Inferno couldn't match the frenetic pacing and horrific imagination found in the beginning of your adventure because it could have been a worthwhile alternative to the excellent God of War series. But most of the game falls far short of its impressive beginning, which results in a repetitive and uninspired adventure that loses steam long before you reach the bitter end.

Dante's Inferno is certainly fun during those hectic first few hours, but there is little reason to play beyond those parts. It's not worth visiting hell without the promise of heaven on the other side.

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LordMarius3237d ago

a poor man's god of war

...a very poor man

KILLERAPP3237d ago

Come on not everyone has the money to own both console, is sad to see good games on other console that you want to play but can’t because you can afford another console, exclusivity is a double edge sword in this business you can make it exclusive but you lose an audience on the other console and you as a developer lose an audience that would love to play your game that you work so hard on for years and years and those people will probably never experience it and you as a developer that must feel frustrating that your vision will not be experience by all and is not about sale or fan boys is about people that really want to play games and can’t because they don’t have the money…

LordMarius3237d ago

than they bought the wrong console

PrimordialSoupBase3237d ago

Or, more accurately, just God of War.


A blind man could have seen this coming. but the better question is why were gaming sites trying use this game to downplay GOD OF WAR 3. I smell a fanboy agenda. Most likely paid from the pockets of microsofts gap jeans to do so. lol but if not.... what do you infer?

PS360PCROCKS3237d ago

You took the one word out of my mouth loucifer! lol...

milf_sex3237d ago (Edited 3237d ago )

No way in hell GoW will sink to the levels of this crappy rip-off...

DI lacks the epic scale that makes GoW piss all over other slashers which have mediocre/laughably bad stories. Those other slashers' only strength is the combat, nothing more, nothing less..
GoW has the combat, the story, the graphics, the epic scale and is easily one of the best series ever.

UltraNova3237d ago

made up my mind, I'll be getting Darksiders until Kratos comes out...

colonel1793237d ago

you should buy darksiders... it is really fun...

I bought it yesterday because I didn't like Bayonetta, and I don't have games to play until I buy Heavy Rain.. and i was very doubtful about Darksiders, but the game is really fun and is the same concept as Zelda, with GOW style and little bit of Prince of Persia platforming...

You won't regret it... you'll have a great time.

BattleAxe3237d ago

This do you say, God of War for Ding Dongs!

AnttiApina3237d ago

Come on it could have been worse, like 5.0 or something.

sikbeta3237d ago

Ah...Everyone is Surprised? Come on, DI is Damn Copycat and why someone will buy a bad-clon instead of The Original aka GOW3, well if you don't have a PS3 that's your problem, but PS3 owners that Know How Huge GOW games are and How GOW3 will be simply Epic, so this games doesn't hold any chance

Gamers FTW!!!

presto7173237d ago

I got the demo and really liked it. but apparently that was the best part of the game and everything goes downhill from there...

oh well. I wont waste my money. I never do...

PoSTedUP3237d ago (Edited 3237d ago )

i am astonished at how many people disagreed with you. a lot of games with low scores are actually really fun, but people won't know that bc they don't play them, they are spoiled by high budget developers. it's a damn shame. i play so many games regardless of review score or demo, most of the time they turn out to be really fun. game on brother.

Playing army of two 40th day and the game is dope.

darthv723237d ago

I havent heard of another GoW on the PSP and chains was sweet to beat. DI could do fine on the psp in spite of the console version.

YogiBear3237d ago

Your in the minority on that one bud. The 40th day sucked ass.

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-MD-3237d ago

I could tell by the demo this game would be a 6/7

-Alpha3237d ago (Edited 3237d ago )

But wow, not the GoW killer that was once hoped by 360 fans.

Kira833237d ago

and from the sounds of it the demo was the best part of the game.

KILLERAPP3237d ago

GOW will teach them how is done... March 16, daddy is back! Can't wait to kill Zeus already...

Mamajuana3237d ago

Judging from the developer diaries it seems like they put a lot of effort into this game. I do dig the art style I think it's pretty cool.

I get the notion that this is the game people are thinking about picking up to hold gamers up before God of War 3. Judging from the critical reception the game is not all that great. Once God of War 3 comes out people will forget about Dantes Inferno. It's sad but God of War is a whole different beast. I can't wait.

Razasharpz3237d ago

Played the demo and wow did it suck. Also what the hell was up with that gross nudity? I expected more from the company behind Dead space. I'll be picking it up in the $10 bin pile someday anyways.

BattleAxe3237d ago

Indeed, the demo did suck.

N4BmpS3237d ago

I hated the boss after I figured out his repetitive pattern. Death my foot, the art was good, I hated the camera.