Gran Turismo PSP exceeds 1.8 mil, franchise passes 55 mil

Polyphony Digital, the Japan-based studio behind Gran Turismo, has just released the latest sales numbers of the franchise.

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LordMarius2871d ago (Edited 2871d ago )

haha Flopza Turd hasn't even seen these type of numbers

360 has no games :(

movements2871d ago

The power of the Gran Turismo franchise on display..

Just wait till GT5 comes out on PS3 - I predict the game will move 2 million consoles - easy.

Anorexorcist2871d ago (Edited 2871d ago )

The xbox 360 only has a 5 million unit lead ahead of the PS3 now (yet it had a 12 month market head start. Common sense there would tell anyone how great the PS3 is performing now), and I predict GT5 is going to continue closing that gap REAL QUICK!

Rush2871d ago (Edited 2871d ago )

Sony's senior VP of marketing and PSN boss Peter Dille said only a week ago there was still an 8 million gap in the PS3/360. I love the way fanboys here on N4G pretend to know better.

I the PS3 will catch up to the 360 but chances of it doing it before 2012 are slim to none. The 360 would have to suddenly stop selling all together this year for the PS3 to catch up in 2011.

And since that's not going to happen it's more then likely going to be 2012 if not even later. Am under no illusion that the PS3 will sell more consoles in its lifetime. But catching up any time in the next 2 years not likely.

And 1.8 million on the PSP which has a bigger installer base then the PS3. Don't get me wrong though It will sell fast being a fully blown GT game. But any ground it manages to make up Reach is going to take it right back. Being completely unbiased its easy to see that.

I mean look halo 3 ODST an expansion sold 2million unit's in a day.

GTPSP has sold 1.8million unit's in like what 6 months?

Microsoft Xbox 3602871d ago

GT can't really be taken seriously on a handheld device. It's a nice treat for mobility but it IS a driving SIMULATOR. 1.8mill for a PSP game that is catered to a more hardcore crowd is pretty good IMO.

Rush2871d ago (Edited 2871d ago )

I already said that, am simply explaining that GT5 will be massive but it's going to be no more massive then Halo Reach. Which is releasing around the same time so I don't really see either one turning the tables.

GT and Halo are Sony's and Microsoft's biggest franchise. There going to basically nuke each other but never is going to come out on top, sales wise anyways.

SWORDF1SH2871d ago (Edited 2871d ago )

Console gap 8M?

Don't listen to the PR man but look at the official consoles shipped from Sony and MS.

sikbeta2871d ago (Edited 2871d ago )

That's a lot like always but I can't forget about those Reviewers that labeled as a "MEH" game for not having The Career Mode even if they knew Yamauchi-san said it'll be different for the PSP

This Game Is Awesome like Every Gran Turismo Game

kratos1232871d ago

thnx swordfish i was searching fore those numbers to shut rush rush here is you r prove will you please stay quit now

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Karooo2871d ago (Edited 2871d ago )

still it sold 1.8 million. just like halo.

GT5 will be awesome though quality and sales :)

Anorexorcist2871d ago (Edited 2871d ago )

It was just as much a great driving game as the psone and PS2 incarnations, yet it just didn't have the deep career mode.

Karooo2871d ago

I think the game was good for quick play, pick any car and race, needed a career mode but anyways didnt play gtpsp much.

is there any save i can find that unlocks all cars because i dont wanna unlock playing for hours haha.

raztad2871d ago


I was NOT expecting that. After all the 7/10 reviews complaining about lack of a SP career mode, I thought game sales were meant to be on the poor side.

GT franchise is incredibly powerful.

SoapShoes2871d ago

There were equally as good amounts of reviews that gave it an 8 or higher. People saw through the nitpicking b.s. and bought a good game.

spektical2871d ago

Gran Turismo is a household name now. Kudos to PD, pushing all hardware, showcasing the ability of the respective hardwares, and most of all delivering a near perfect driving simulator.

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