BioShock 2 - Developer Q&A Session Audio Feed

Xbox Evolved:

"In anticipation for the launch of BioShock 2, the sequel to Game of the Year 2007, 2K Games hosted a live Q&A session. Listen to the full Q&A session on Xbox Evolved. "

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ProA0073116d ago

VERY Informative Q&A session. Can't wait to play now after listening to this.

Blaze9293116d ago

I actually really want to try out the multiplayer. The videos I saw on Gametrailers looked so fun. Looks like something my and my friends can get into for some casual multiplayer - nothing MW2 like no doubt but still fun.

AridSpider3116d ago

My fear is that it's just some tacked on multiplayer mode which couldve been used to make the single player a lot better. I mean, 2K Marin didn't even handle the multiplayer :/

Blaze9293116d ago

Still looks kinda fun ¬_¬

Blaze9293116d ago

Good - that text feed wasn't that great. Guy didn't know what the hell he was doing.

tokoshix3116d ago

Really thinking about jumping into Bioshock now. This hype about the second one has really got me interested.