CSM: WonderKing Online Review

CSM writes: "Wonderking's backstory is loosely religiously-based. The demon king Baalon has released monsters and devils into the world and a prophet reveals a message from God stating that one human will arise as the Holy King. This savior, called the Wonder King, will cleanse the world of these devils and deliver humanity from evil. Each player is a hero who could be the prophesied Wonder King. Kids choose between four classes: Swordsman (the warrior archtype),Mage (the magic user), Thief (the rogue/assassin) and Scout (theranger/archer). Each class branches into two lines and kids can chooseto play whichever they prefer. For example, the Swordsman branchesinto the Warrior (pure melee) or the holy Knight (able to call upon thewrath of God to smite their enemies), the Mage branches into Priest(healing) or Wizard (offensive magic)."

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