Wow! 5 Reasons You Absolutely Must Buy Heavy Rain

GT: Once in every generation, a game is created that revolutionizes how we play forever. Think Metal Gear Solid in PS1 days, Grand Theft Auto for PS2, Halo for the Xbox and so on.

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games4thewin3088d ago

"Genre defining" I agree. Best game out there and a sleeper hit.

DarkTower8053088d ago

Those screenshots in the article don't do this game justice. I have the demo and the graphics are seriously the best I've ever seen on a console. And this takes nothing away from Uncharted 2, because imo these two games have different art styles. HR is more realistic, while U2 is more artistic in a cartoonish sort of way (if that came out right).

movements3088d ago

Honestly only God of War III stand a chance against HR.

DarkTower8053088d ago

Again though, GOW3 is a different art style, so it's not fair to compare. It's like comparing Van Gogh and Da Vinci paintings. Both are unique art styles, but both masterpieces in their own rights.

cyguration3088d ago

shot? I'm reluctant to click the link because it looks like fap-bait.

movements3088d ago

Let's hope Sony really markets this game!