Interesting take on Killzone @ E3...Impact/possibilties

A very long in-depth talk about the possibilities of what gamers might see at E3 and with Killzone.

Looks at what gamers have heard over the past years and thoughts on how Killzone needs to impress the US hardcore gamers or it will fail by Christmas.

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Shadow Flare4193d ago (Edited 4193d ago )

I have no doubt killzone is going to blow everyone away. I look foward to E3 when not only PS fans jaws drop, but xbox fans also.

Some of the stuff in that article sounds incredible. The physics and animation will be top-notch from the sounds of it. After bullets are shot through walls, shafts of light flow through. Destructable environments. Incredible animation and graphics to match. Guerilla has a huge budget and amount of devs working on this, and the articles right; there is a huge hype train for Killzone and sony will be very stupid to fail their fans. But everything points to this being amazing. The eery silence of the Killzone devs over the past 2 years only means one thing. They are working their socks off to beat the target render, and Phil Harrison did they say they've already surpassed it in some respects a few months back

I never thought i'd say this, but this game COULD make Halo 3 laughable. The perception that Bungie has put little effort in improving over Halo 2 will become obvious once Guerilla shows the leap in gaming that Killzone 2 is gonna show. This is all too good for the ps3. Wait and see. Killzone 2 is going to make the loyals raise their fists and shut many a doubter up at E3. And for the ps3 fans who never doubted the ps3 could achieve that target render whilst others were saying its impossible, in a months time you will be proven right. Loyalty's a good thing

_insane_cobra4193d ago

Why is some random guy's forum post posted as news? Anyway, it would be a lot more credible if he could actually write.

BrotherSic4193d ago

completely agree, a random post in a PS3 forum is not news and should not be on the site.

I see that one of new site admins approved this, JamieSI, so he/she might just be learning but this should be removed.

If this can be approved then I could just create a new forum thread and post it on the main site.

Vojkan4193d ago (Edited 4193d ago )

When they show in game video, call me to discuss. Until then i don't care what some guy "forum theories" are, and what Joe Schmo thinks. Just let it be until E3, it's just a few weeks away, chill down and relax.

_insane_cobra4193d ago

I'm a lot more interested in how the game will play. I mean, it will probably look great, Sony people know they need to pull that off, but the first Killzone wasn't exactly a critics' darling. I'm all for beautiful visuals, but I sure hope they take care of Killzone's fundamental problems first.

MK_Red4193d ago

Article had one great part. Even Xbox360 are looking for KZ2 to see if it delivers (They hope it wont).
At least Sony has made Killzone their attention center, like Halo for 360. ITs not as good or famous as Halo (At least not yet) BUT everyone knows what they want from Sony: Killzone 2. Just like MS that they want Halo and Nintendo that they want Zelda.

Robearboy4193d ago

In my opinion this game will be ok but not as good as every ps3 fan hopes, the reason been the time scale its been made in. Sony need to rush out their games because basically they have none, so what should be potentially an awsome game will more than likely be just as good or bad as its predocessor.

Genki4193d ago

This game has been in development for three years already, man...and if it doesn't get released until next year, then that'll be a 4 year project...nearly half a decade, what on Earth are you talking about? Since when was 3 or 4 years dev time RUSHING?

twostep184192d ago

besides you sayin that there rushing wich there not at all this game has had a whopping 21$ million dollars thrown into its developement this game is goin to own so hard...

most expensive game in developement thus far ;]

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