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Heavy Rain reviewed by play3-live

"Heavy Rain is the successful meeting between film and video game"
"An unforgettable experience"

Real rating given is

. The modeling of faces
. The character animation
. Detailed environments
. The management of knowledge
. Scenario
. The original concept

. Some bugs animation
. Some travel hazardous (Heavy Rain , PS3) 9/10

drummerx2709  +   2001d ago
Another amazing score! 18/20

I guess Heavy Rain will really be "An unforgettable experience"
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SnuggleBandit  +   2001d ago
great score, can't wait to play it!
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drummerx2709  +   2001d ago
Should be @ 2.4 z-hayden
Yep I knew that. And lucky me. I have a Euro (UK) account on my PS3; along with a Japan, China, and US account. US is my main one though.

Sorry I hit the wrong reply button lol.
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DaGangstaGamer   2001d ago | Spam
LordMarius  +   2001d ago
Good Score,
soon it will be mine

@Gang person guy
stop talking like that
A Cupcake for Gabe  +   2001d ago
At gangstagamer...

dude, that site is wretchedly sh1tty and are blacklisted from many companies. HR will be reviewed by how it emotionally effects the player. If it changes the way they think about games, it'll get a great score. If not, then it won't.

No one is afraid
xXFrostXx  +   2001d ago
Thanks for the info drummerx2709, I'm off to get my code :D.
Carl1412  +   2001d ago
Damn right, so pleased this game is getting good reviews so far. I mean, i would have bought it anyway...But hopefully good reviews will help it to sell more :)
DatNJDom81  +   2001d ago
Im new to this.......
but Im pretty sure that wankstagamer is a multiple account for the same guy. if you can actually read his comment, 2 things:

1. Good for you because that was hard to read.

2. he type the same sh!t other 360 fangirls type, but in a weak, corny, and dumb attempt to sound gangsta.
DarkTower805  +   2001d ago
Well if the demo is any representation of the full game there is no doubt in my mind that this game will get many 9/10 -10/10 scores. Everything from the lighting to the gritty environment sets the stage for an awesome experience. If you can't tell, I loved it. Day one buy for me.
chaosatom  +   2000d ago
There are some good points and some bad points in the demo.
So the first section of game was brilliantly done. I felt excited to go forward and interact with everything. I actually felt like playing it several times.

The second section was too dark, running around was really necessary, which I couldn't do. Also, putting away glasses took some time.

I will definitely buy/rent, but I am just not sure which yet.

The graphics are amazing and very real.
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Snoogins  +   2000d ago
Heavy Rain is a must-have.
I just finished the demo and I feel like it gave me blue balls. The experience is outstanding and just before the climax, you hit the demo's end and it just frustrated the hell out of me. Controls are awkward, especially the movement, but the interaction is deep. All of the naysayers, if they still exist, have no grounds to criticize the game. Looking forward to it almost as much as I am for God of War III.

I'd love it if someday Goichi Suda and Hideo Kojima get together and make a Snatcher remake like this. Considering Grasshopper Manufacture just secured the composer for the Silent Hill series, they could make an incredible visual, aural and interactive treat.

My TV is naturally dark, so I too experienced difficulty seeing things in the 2nd part. That's why you need to adjust the gamma in the options. Problem solved.
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sikbeta  +   2000d ago
Great... DaGangstaGamer is da trolling in da PS3 article about da game called da Heavy Rain and is da whining about da score cuz he saw da other article in da N4G
about da GameKult cr@p and he don't realize dat da cr@ppy site have da same problems with almost every Company, the guy dat Rule the site said dat lol


This Game will be Awesome, if you don't like variety+Innovation but you love FPS Games, Stay Away of My HR

Gamers FTW!!!
MRMagoo123  +   2000d ago
Ive heard a few ppl say movement was hard
I found that the first time i started playing but then realised i was doing it wrong to move left or right while holding R2 you just push the analog stick towards where you want to walk if you want to walk a lil bit left you push forward and a lil left on the analog stick dont push just left or you head 90 degrees to the left just use subtle movements and its really easy just my tip for ppl having troubles.The games amazing and ill def get it day one.
swiftshot93  +   2001d ago
Congrats to Quantic Dream for delivering the first PS3 AAA game of the year. And a gorgeous, innovative one at that.
xXFrostXx  +   2001d ago
Wonderful score :D, I cant wait to download the demo next week.
drummerx2709  +   2001d ago
@ frost
Why don't you just go download it right now? I am.


P.S. you must be using a euro psn account for this download to work.
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Gambit07  +   2001d ago
You don't need a european account, since the page asks to create a new user and not use your PSNid.
SnuggleBandit  +   2001d ago
^^ to actually download it on your ps3, you need a euro account (at least i did, my U.S. one didn't work)
WithMyLastBreath  +   2001d ago
Go here for the US demo...

Then select register and it will take you to a page where you can register. If you do this you can download it for US psn accounts.
Parapraxis  +   2000d ago
...you need a Euro PSN account. lol

And BTW, the game was not what I expected, it was far more exciting than I thought it would be.
It's fantastic, a definite day 1 for me.
Mamajuana  +   2001d ago
I agree...
They delivered PS3's first AAA game of the year but not the last. March 16 is right around the corner =)
SoapShoes  +   2001d ago
The demo was pretty fun actually. I went into it not knowing what to expect and I have to say it seems pretty fun. Although I'm sure the demo does it no justice.
Dellis  +   2001d ago
This game will be a major flop at retail, the gamers of today don't have attention span to play such a game. This will be just another cult classic but it will be the biggest bomb of 2010.
Redlogic  +   2001d ago
i don't know...
why you think this will flop, but judging by your previous comments it just seems like you don't like it and wanna hate for no reason. Just because you can't keep your ADD under control doesn't mean same holds true for others. I'm excited for something new and fresh. Go back to MW2. I'm sure you'd like to respond, but hmmmm no bubbles. wonder how that happened? idiot
Michael-Jackson  +   2001d ago
How do you know? just because you don't like it, doesn't mean that others won't but I do expect mixed opinions.
GiantEnemyCrab  +   2000d ago
Sales wise I'm afraid yes.. but I would love to be wrong about that.
Parapraxis  +   2000d ago
A friend was over tonight and he's buying a PS3 for this and GOW III, he saw the demo and that made him even more eager to get one.

I think far too many people are counting this game out.
tiamat5  +   2001d ago
Wow.Heavy Rain has gotten some great reviews so far. That settles it. No more doubt. First day purchase for sure.
MajestieBeast  +   2001d ago
Didnt game informer just give it a 9.5?
drummerx2709  +   2001d ago
Actually I think your thinking of Battlefield: Bad Company 2. The back cover art of the game was shown and it said GI gave it a 9.5/10

I wouldn't doubt that they would give HR a 9.5 though.
zenosaga04  +   2001d ago
I heard Game Informer gave Heavy Rain a 9.5 and a second oppinion of 8.5, and OPM US gave it a perfect score

I also heard they also gave Final Fantasy XIII a 9.25 and Bioshock 2 a 8.25, but I can't confirm it.
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knightdarkbox  +   2001d ago

um.. strange this..

pay review?
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blitz0623  +   2001d ago
Average score is 8.8. Are you saying all those reviews were paid for by Sony? Maybe you should look at your avatar first.
damnightmare  +   2001d ago
Still your grammar is atrocious
Michael-Jackson  +   2001d ago
Did I get paid to call you a idiot? Idiot.

OT: Great score for a great game.
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dtrain21  +   2001d ago
UnwanteDreamz  +   2000d ago
Translate google, oh how I loath thee
subzero-08  +   2001d ago
A few more scores like these and I might actually give this game a shot. Wasn't really interested at first, but it seems like a solid game.
yakuzakazuya  +   2001d ago
It's a risky new IP but I will support this game. Support variety in game genres!
Jackel2072  +   2001d ago
early reviews from back woods websites you never heard of...
butterfinger  +   2001d ago
You've never heard...
of OPM UK? They gave it a 9/10. Also, GamingXP's review made it on metacritic, and they don't typically allow just anyone to post a score on there. Oh yeah, they gave it a 9.2. Was there a point you were trying to make?
bjornbear  +   2000d ago
like gamekult?
doesn't matter right? pff yeah right

every site matters, small or big, if it influences people
Snoogins  +   2000d ago
Gamekult can lick my butt. Considering (if I recall correctly) they are one of France's larger media outlets for gamers, they should hold themselves and be held accountable for how they express their opinions. Forsaking the true objective nature of journalism, they tend to be more introspective in their reviews, placing personal preference above weighing a game based on its own merits. While I have not played the full game (and they probably haven't, either), the demo simply blew me away with its atmosphere, themes and refreshingly unique gameplay. When people see GK's review, people may get the wrong impression of the game and steer clear instead of giving it the attention it deserves. Just because it wasn't the reviewer's choice of game, they decided to arguably give an unfair judgment of it. Just look around at all the tools drooling all over themselves on the internet when they jump on the cheer train or the jeer train without forming an opinion of their own based on actual hands-on time instead of hearsay (MAG comes to mind). Now when people who lay their trust on GK's opinion read their review, they might avoid the game altogether.
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MrJackOfAllTrades   2001d ago | Spam
polow got sol  +   2001d ago
play3-live?? Definetly no biased going on here
Sigh  +   2001d ago
I know right?!!!
They must be MS biased! "LIVE" in its web name.

Gtfo failure.
MrJackOfAllTrades   2001d ago | Spam
gamingisnotacrime  +   2001d ago
i am getting it either way
but a good rep will help the sales and that is always good, because developers are rewarded for their hard work
GiantEnemyCrab  +   2000d ago
Glad it's scoring well! I finally jumped through the hoops to get the code so I'm off to try the demo. Looking like a day 1 purchase unless the demo kills it for me.
jalen247  +   2000d ago
Great score. I am counting down the days till the 23rd.
Jackel2072  +   2000d ago
does that link go to OPM UK? or gaming XP? No it doesn't.
Bobbykotickrulesz  +   2000d ago
lol another no name site?

Anyway, I think it's hilarious those other 10 sites that gave the game 6's and 7's. A bunch of no name sites you've never heard of bringing the overall score of the game down. I'll go ahead and wait for the ACTUAL reviews to come out before I judge this as a 6/10 game. The first reviews were near perfect, and then came the wave of fanboy sites rating it a 6 or 7. Yeah, good game Microsoft.
bjornbear  +   2000d ago
Heavy rain, for a unique, bold risky new IP is getting amazing reception

i see many of these games in the future =) and its a bright future =)
LeonSKennedy4Life  +   2000d ago
My GOTY already. : )

LOVED the demo!!!
insomnium  +   2000d ago
Where's nogolis?
Shouldn't he be here bashing this game already?
reaferfore20  +   2000d ago
He must be at school ;)
OrganicMachine  +   2000d ago
hmm.. I hope they fix the eyes in their characters, the ones show on the videos where pretty "blank" eyes..

still buying it though..
mushroomwig  +   2000d ago
Well the game is already gone gold so that's it, no more changes unless they can release a patch.
DelbertGrady  +   2000d ago
Another great review from a french site who apparently agreed on Sony's "terms" ;) j/k

I'm curious as to what bigger sites like IGN, Gamespot and Game Informer will have to say.
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prettyboy1  +   2000d ago
i loved the demo
this game is so unique,i mean its like thier fate is pretty much in your hands and i love that feeling so good review for a good game im exicted
tiamat5  +   2000d ago
I just finished the demo. Don't let anyone sway you by pointing out minor flaws in the game. If the demo is any indication of what the game will be like, this will be a masterpiece. People only say its boring because you don't pull out guns and shoot everything in sight while cursing and shouting one liners . This is truely a mature game

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