PS3 Vs 360 End Of Eternity: Product Version Comparison.

After a long time to compare.

Is the end of Eternity.

PS3 set to full range of HDMI, as for 360 image quality of HDMI is set to the maximum.

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Homicide3204d ago (Edited 3204d ago )

360 version looks better: better textures, cleaner and sharper colors. PS3 version looks a tad blurrier and washed out.

All that matters is that it runs fine on both consoles. Game looks ace.



tri-ace huh.

yeah see that's exactly what i thought. in reality the only way ps3's version can look on par is if they intentionally holed it back for a year.....cause simultaneously it would never stand a chance.

cheap little tactics tri-ace's been using.......i still might buy this game though. :)

Baliw3204d ago

like in the second screen, where the blurry bottles are in the PS3 capture. You right.

LONEWOLF2313204d ago (Edited 3204d ago ) need to hold the title back.
The game looks great on both systems! The Ps3 version just has a higher level of brightness and nothing more! Ohh and the 360s version blurry bottles is called D.O.F(Depth of Field) Look it up for more info.

THE MAX SPEED 213204d ago

yeah the PS3 version looks kinda Palish. And the X360's version colors are more Vibrant. They both look very good besides that.

Ichiryoka3204d ago

FF13 looks and probably runs better than this. Small note I probably shouldnt mention is that FF13 looks and probably runs better on PS3. (On one Disc) No Install. Cough..Sorry heh.

THE MAX SPEED 213204d ago (Edited 3204d ago )

You know what's Even funnier? The fact that it's on one blu Ray disc on PS3 doesnt change the fact the game sucks. I'll take Xbox360 version of Final Fantasy XIII over White Knight chronicles anyday 6.1/10 ign. Spin that around.

I'll take a new Tri-ace game over S-E crap anyday. Xbox better looking version by the way!

Homicide3204d ago

@1.5, at least 360 owners get the chance to play the biggest JRPG this gen. Ah, I remember the day.

Ichiryoka3204d ago (Edited 3204d ago )

Yeah it is good that 360 owners get to play Two of the best Rpgs this gen. (Mass Effect2 and FF13). While Ps3 Owners can play FF13 and FFV13.
So yeah win/win situation Thing is if you have both consoles it would be best to get the PS3 version, Shame 360 only owners cant complete the set because FFVersus13 is exclusive to PS3.

And Max I wont spin anything, I will be getting White Knight Chronicles as well as the Definitive version of Star Ocean4 for the PS3. No spinning there. I will also pick up ff13 along with agito 13 for psp and ffv13 all for Playstation Systems.

Edit: whats the disagree for everything I stated was fact. You got something to say speak up!

@ Kareshi read what I said and try again.

LOl the disagrees mean nothing, but the person who disagrees silence mean everything.
I mean I could see if I was trolling, but obviously people dont like the facts.

Kareshi_X3204d ago


as if xbox owners dont own sony systems? What kind of rebotle is that?

A Cupcake for Gabe3204d ago

played the JP PS3 demo awhile ago. didn't look this bad. gameplay was gay though.

n4gno3204d ago

[email protected] the box fans always in denial, scruting pixels, zooms, on multiplatforms game, and pretend that killzone, uncharted 2, heav rain, god of war, etc are non existent.

what a delicious joke.

MGSR THE HD VERSION3204d ago (Edited 3204d ago )

look at all the ps3 gamers trying to justify how equal they fare to each other...while at the same time defending their other title saying "oh my version is the definitive version" along with "thanks for beta testing xbts"



and now what you have here is proof brought before you, the only way ps3's versions can match up is by doing under handing and half assing 360's copy.(AKA CHEATING)......and what's worst is that YOU guys believe in that.

so don't play that whole "innocent" role around these parts!

Ninji3204d ago

Look at the screenshot comparisons (I'll list them in order by number going from top to bottom).

#2 - Just above the "one way" sign and under the "open8am" sign (as well as the bricks).

#4 - The candles glow

#8 - Look at the back of her hair

#9 - The shadows on the neck from her hair.

Rush3204d ago (Edited 3204d ago )

Both look great and both have there advantages and disadvantages.

The 360 version has crisper textures and a tiny bit more detail.

The PS3 version has better lighting and shadowing.

Atleast that's my opinion on the screen shots.

heroprotagonist3204d ago

Yeah, they both look good in their own ways.

vhero3204d ago

@homicide your wrong look at theses pics you got it the wrong way round

look at the red jacket on 360 version its blurred out and the colours are washed out compared to the depth in the ps3 shot.

raztad3203d ago

This debate is pointless.

1) Those pics are extremely low res. At least wait for some 720p screens. Game may look average on both platforms.

2) The pics look pretty much the same.

Nothing to see here. Off for MAG.

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NateNater3204d ago

PS3 version looks just a bit brighter and there's nothing wrong with that.

DigitalAnalog3204d ago

At least it's not Bayonetta-port. Getting this game.

-End statement

jack_burt0n3204d ago (Edited 3204d ago )



I have to say i prefer the ps3 lighting its way more natural, gives it a much deeper look to it, and the 360 is really jaggy, the detail in the textures is still there on the ps3 just uses more DOF the zipper on his jacket.

More importantly the demo was great def one to pick up for me.
are u blind? or just desperate :)



listen i aint bashing anything i just stated my opinion and said i was excited for the game max will have to use an alt account in here now LOL

THE MAX SPEED 213204d ago

lol you cant be serious?

you took the only pic that looks better on PS3 to base your arguement. LMAO!


Godmars2903204d ago (Edited 3204d ago )

Mass Effect will never come to the PS3.
The 360 version of FFXIII doesn't compare tot he PS3 version.
There are extremely minor differences that you're only going to notice if you pause and examine the two versions of this game side by side.

Accept these truths and get on with your lives!

Is it really any different than what MGSRHD did at 1.1?

raicoon3204d ago

man you are so just took one picture (or two) that looked better for the ps3..what with the other pictures where xbox360 looks better?idiot, you just lie to yourself

PirateThom3203d ago

If depth of field means "lol blurry", no thanks.

That's a poor use of depth of field anyway.

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DELTABOY043204d ago

First of all the ps3 version looks washed out as hell and if you disagree with that your a fanboy...second it doesnt even look like the same resolution...third tri is ass with ps3 hardware like most Japanese studios they just dont have the talent for it....i'm sick of inferior ports on the ps3...its been out 3-4 yrs now...if a developer still cant come to grips with the hardware its pretty pathetic.

LittleBigSackBoy3204d ago (Edited 3204d ago )

Star Ocean runs fine on the PS3, and so does this. There's nothing that can't be fixed by changing the contrast on your TV. (This game anyway ) People need to stop b!tchin' about bad ports, because most of the time the port is fine.

Didn't disagree btw.

duplissi3204d ago

washed out as hell? why do people continuously try to use that as a reason that one version is graphically inferior? plus thats a flat out exaggeration.

ive got a great tip: press the menu button on your display and turn down the brightness a tad and TADA! it looks better my my. or if you want you can turn it up to make the xbox version look inferior!

its common knowledge that the ps3's output is a little brighter than the xbox's please be a little more informed and intelligent.