BioWare: No Plans To Alter Mass Effect 2's Text

G4TV writes: "I like Mass Effect 2 so much, I'd marry it if I lived in Vermont, but I really don't like the on-screen text. Don't get me wrong: The writing is top-notch, but I can't frickin' read the stuff half the time because it's too small and the font is hard to read. And I have an HD TV, too. So I have to get up and sit closer to my TV to read the codex and junk. Not cool. (Man, my problems in life are pretty serious!)"

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josh143993230d ago

i haven't noticed any small text when i was playing mass effect 2 and ive completed it. i played mostly on my 32" hdtv but i also played a few hours on my 42" plasma

kingdavid3230d ago

No excuse. People should have hdtvs these days otherwise whats the point of getting a current gen console (wii excluded).