Destructoid: Ten things I didn't love about Final Fantasy XIII

Dale North says,

It's only fair, right?

While my list of ten things I loved about the import version of Final Fantasy XIII was quite easy to make, this counterpoint was a bit more difficult. I didn't want to nitpick, but I did want to have an even ten to match up. To tell the truth, I could have gone on for a lot more than ten entries on the "loved" list, while this one was more of a stretch.

I want to be clear: I hope this list of negatives adds no weight to some of the unnecessarily negative and cynical write-ups of the game that are out there. No, Final Fantasy XIII was not all puppies and roses, but it was a fantastic game that I have no issue recommending to any RPG fan. I think that too many spoiled late-20s and early to mid 30-something gamers are just set in their cynical ways, and are too hardened and internet-ruined to enjoy games anymore. These are not the people you should be listening to for game recommendations. Heh, that's funny coming from a Destructoid writer.

It's just wanted to be fair and point out some of the not-so-great things about the title, but those reading this list first should definitely refer back to our other more positive list. If you've ever liked a Final Fantasy, you'll dig this one.

That said, on with the gripes.

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lordgodalming3205d ago (Edited 3205d ago )

Somebody buy this guy a pony. He's written the most sensible articles about FFXIII of anyone on the whole damn internet.

Edit: And I've got a feeling he's one of the only "reviewers" who's actually played the whole thing.

Bodyboarder_VGamer3205d ago (Edited 3205d ago )

I predict that this game will get mixed reviews. Big sites like IGN will rate it with a 9 and above because it is a FF tittle and they're probably being paid to put advertisements on their websites. While smaller more true to their real opinion sites like Edge will rate it with 7 and lower because of the lack of depth and extreme linearity. Maybe 8's because of the incredible graphics... Graphics matter a lot to reviewers.