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With 127 people on your team in a M.A.G. Domination match, how the monkeys are you going to organise the troops? Communication is key and Seth Luisi, director of development at Sony Computer Entertainment America and working on M.A.G., told PlayStation University that the team worked hard to make the game's vocal communication as intuitive and deep as possible:

"We did a lot with MAG to utlise the headset. We have proximity chat, team chat, we also have leadership chat; so platoon leaders and squad leaders can talk with one another. We even have the ability for the OIC to talk to all 127 people on his team, so we're doing some really interesting things with voice chat, and we hope people utilise it."

The question is then, why wasn't a headset bundled in with every copy of M.A.G.?

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-Alpha3209d ago (Edited 3209d ago )

Warhawk did it and that had less teamwork abilities than MAG. I was actually pretty shocked and I wonder why Sony hasn't done it yet.

They should have bundled it with the new slim PS3's too.

So that's two missed opportunities.

I strongly suggest for anyone and everybody to get the OFFICIAL PS3 mic, it is honestly the only mic you'll need and it's blutooth so you can even use it on other equipment. It's about $50-$60 unless you buy the Socom Bundle.

Edit: Lol at Reporting History.

NateNater3209d ago

Yep I agree with everything you said.

Sony should have bundled MAG with a headset. Maybe they will in the near future. I can't stress this enough; headsets are an absolute necessity for MAG.

Everyone please get one!!! It doesn't even have to be Sony's Official headset. Sony's is probably a really good one but I don't use Sony's because I already have one.

Wolfie3209d ago

wtf here in Poland we have M.A.G. bundle with headset

NateNater3208d ago

Well thats strange. I've never even heard any news of a MAG headset bundle anywhere. So if Poland has it then hopefully its coming to the rest of the world too.

Consoldtobots3209d ago

these are the kind of articles we need more of. Thought out and to the point.