Zipper Interactive: Our Biggest Hurdle Was Creating Organized Chaos

O.G. writes "MAG is the biggest console online game right now. Some people still have questions about it. Zipper Interactive's Ben Jones answers some questions that gamers may have about MAG."

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nogolis3205d ago

Strange, I thought their biggest hurdle after playing the demo and now the full game was always making it fun. Cos they missed that hurdle.

armycore3204d ago

Nothing I didnt already know because I'm playing the game right now. Addictive as hell.

ChozenWoan3204d ago (Edited 3204d ago )

Couldn't get it till today due to funds being diverted to car problems, but in just a little over 4 hours I'm lvl13 and just 2 lvls away from my AM50 sniper rifle. Would have gotten it by now but I had to get the health kit and the revive kit to help my clanmates. Using both in my ground pounder setup has proven very helpful, I can heal and revive back to back which comes in handing in completing objectives.

Any Raven out there looking for a good clan that uses mics.. pm me.

just like the commercial says, if you can get 128 ppl online to coordinate an attack/defence, you deserve to include MAG in your resume.

harlem_v13204d ago

This game will be mine soon...very soon.