Compromises made to assure platform parity in BioShock 2

For the sequel, 2K wanted to avoid any similar blemishes, hoping to achieve parity across all three platforms.

This process was a tricky one, though, said BioShock 2 Lead Environment Artist Hogarth De La Plante.

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nogolis3207d ago

Meaning, damn anyone for owning the inferior Ps3.

Elven63206d ago

All consoles have their strengths and weakness, something you can do on one console might not work the same on another.

gaffyh3207d ago

And this is why the best multiplatform games will never look as good as the best exclusive titles on any platform.

bruddahmanmatt3206d ago

This is complete and utter crap IMO and really says a lot about a developer as far as I'm concerned. Your ultimate goal as a game developer should be to develop the best possible gaming experience regardless of whether the player is pushing X/Square/Triangle/Circle, W/A/S/D, or X/Y/A/B. Why should folks who bought a superior console be penalized because a particular manufacturer decided to go the "cheap and lazy" route? Similarly, those who spend the extra cash for a superior gaming rig should be rewarded and not held back because of console limitations. Each game should be developed to it's maximum potential and the gamer should have the final choice. Making compromises IS showing favoritism because you're admitting that a particular platform is weaker than it's competitors and requires a leg up to remain competitive.

The Maxx3206d ago (Edited 3206d ago )

"And this is why the best multiplatform games will never look as good as the best exclusive titles on any platform."

So you're saying that because Bioshock was clearly inferior on the PS3, then it is clear that the 360 version of Biochock 2 will not look as good as it would have been, had it been exclusive due to the PS3 holding Bioshock 2 back from achieving exclusive like quality on the 360?

Remember, Bioshock looked great on the 360, a year later it came out on the PS3 and was inferior. Had it stayed exclusive, then we wouldn't have known how it would have been on the PS3. So using that could say that we don't know if exclusives on either 360 or PS3 would look good or better on the competitions console. So would MGS4 had better textures on the 360? Would KZ2 looked sharper on the 360? Would Uncharted 2 been brighter and sharper on the 360? We will never know, but this article does give us an idea of what the outcome could have been had they were released on the 360....

So going by this article and comments made by 2K, which console is holding back which console....

PirateThom3206d ago

No, it really doesn't.

BioShock was built for 360 with no consideration for PS3, then a year later ported over and cheaply and as quickly as possible.

Look at a game like Ninja Gaiden Sigma II, ported with care and attention and blew the 360 version away.

The Maxx3206d ago

blew it away? Don`t know about you but I prefer the Adult version, not the Kid version.

PirateThom3206d ago

Ah, yes, gore = adult in XBox land.

I prefer the version that runs better, looks better and has more content.

Kurylo3d3206d ago

you forget the only reason ninja gaiden looked better on ps3 was cause it was a full year later... more time to work on it, besides that ... they cut away all the detail violence... ps3 version of ninja gaiden has no violence in it!.. no limps .. blood all over... not saying ps3 couldnt do it, but they were missn a lot so its definently not the better version... im sure there are better examples for your argument then ninja gaiden.

velaxun3206d ago

Stuff like this is something I don't understand this gen. Last gen, dev's had no problem making games look better on the xbox. They didn't dumb them down so they looked the same as the ps2 version, so why did they start this gen? If one of the consoles can push more polys than the other why hold it back?

MGSR THE HD VERSION3206d ago (Edited 3206d ago )

NG3 is going to be around the corner some time. don't worry, sooner or later we'll see who can run that sigma engine better fare and square through a simultaneous release. :)

SilentNegotiator3205d ago

Pfft, if they just gave the PS3 more consideration, there's no way they would have to make compromises.

The game renders mostly small rooms. There's no reason the PS3 couldn't render it in 720p without all those screwed up textures (SOME of them were fixed in a patch, that they took a freaking week or so to release). You xbox fanboys can pretend that it's not the developer's fault, but we all know it is.

DatNJDom813205d ago

Oh you mean like Final Fantasy 13? Good then we should have a better game........../s



Don't care about Maxx/Mart from xboxkings, he is just like that:

'multiplatforms runs better on 360!'
*he is proved wrong*
'runing better is determined by the features I pick'

He just don't know when to quit.

@MGSR the HD Version

Not necessarily. The thing with NG was that Tecmo make each version the better they could (we assume, no one really can tell except Tecmo insiders) since they were 'exclusives' and have time to dedicate to each one.

Now that Itagaki is out and NG will be multiplat day one Tecmo can also play the lazy and just release both versions when they are 'good enough', not really trying to push any console.

They can also have separate teams working in each version, applying for the best they can make out of those consoles and release both day and date. But that just isn't money efficient enough for publishers, hence it's not usual to see multiplats developed like that.

Sarcasm3205d ago

"Ah, yes, gore = adult in XBox land.

I prefer the version that runs better, looks better and has more content. "

BWAHAHAHA Pirate pwned him to The Maxx

kwicksandz3205d ago

Brings a tear to my eye

Yet more "dumbing down" for consoles of a once great franchise. RIP system shock 2..... Some of us still remember your brilliance

Shepherd 2143205d ago

No, apparently games with beauty and actual color palettes means that its made for kids.

"Halo is too bright and colorful its like a crayon box for kids! It should be dark and brown and gray like Killzone 2 then its for adults!"

I love it.

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ad4mb3206d ago

That sucks, id rather they try get the best out of each system, this would make all version better overall, so we would all win. I blame the console "war" (how pathetic lol) for this.

PirateThom3206d ago

Thanks PC for gimping the game for console owners... :-/

Shepherd 2143205d ago

yea cause its a PC's fault that consoles have tech thats over 4 years old. Its not a PC's fault that Crysis(2007) still has better graphics than Killzone 2(2009)

Chnswdchldrn3206d ago

thank you 360 for making bioshock 2 as good as it cud be

Sarcasm3205d ago

Right because limiting it to a DVD and no standard hard drive is definitely upping the bar.

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