GameTrailers: MAG Review

Does this PS3 shooter deliver massive fun, or massive headaches?

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mickross1233238d ago (Edited 3238d ago )

wasnt expecting a higher score from Gametrailers compared to Gamespot, IGN etc. anyway good score and I love this game


saf1007923238d ago

I never played sabotage once the game came out... been sver since phase 1 of the beta. We rule the war!!!!

raztad3238d ago

Really nice score form Gametrailers. I was expecting them to be harsher. Anyway MAG ROCKS hard.

This morning I played two Sabotages maps.

The first was against SVER. We destryed wave after wave and then, with less than a minute left we move to C. I dont know how but in the middle of the confusion the SVERS got C an we had no time to retake it. Stupid

The second was against VALOR. The greens took A an B quite fast, but we were able to hold them off for almost 20 min on C. It was madness.

mickross1233238d ago (Edited 3238d ago )

@raztad NOoBINTOR767 (PSN ID) add me for MAG so I know if its your azz I am kickin

A Cupcake for Gabe3238d ago

MAG is good. This game is a solid 8.5 IMO

It has flaws, but does so much right. I think a lot of the hate comes from the learning curve. It takes a little bit to get used to.

Chubear3238d ago

where is everybody?

I know if this was a 6.9 rating this forum would be filled to the brim. So, again, where is everybody? XD

Sigh3238d ago

they're waiting until another big known media site gives a low score to MAG to gloat and boost like the idiots they are.

kneon3237d ago

Well I was playing MAG :) I expect that's where everyone else is as well

thereapersson3237d ago

They only wait till there's a negative review, and then troll and brag, and then also b­itch and complain and slam the disagree button when you call them out on it.

otherZinc3237d ago (Edited 3237d ago )

This game SUCKS HARD! I was lmao at this terrible video & lmao harder as Game Trailer tried to cover-up the suckage of this game.

Terrible, what a joke of a game. 10 sales week 1, 13 sales 1st month.

In 1998 MAG would be revolutionary, in 2010 its terrible!

Seriously, its a shame & disgrace to people that believe reviewers, that they are misleading the public as a whole. There is no way MAG should receive any score above a 5!

Also, no Campaign or Co-op, Terrible!

-Alpha3237d ago

Funny enough, that also happens with the PS3 fanboys too-- they will trash negative reviews to the ground as if reviews stated objective facts about the game and as if it's impossible for MAG to get anything under a 7.

I did expect a more lower score from GT, but I can really care less about these guys anyway.

Bubbles_Kitty_Cat3237d ago

Wait, so does this mean that you guys no longer think GameTrailers is secretly plotting against the PS3, and is no longer part of the much larger world wide conspiracy to dethrone the mighty Sony and all of those who worship it?

I'm having trouble keeping up with you guys.

Sarcasm3237d ago

I would rate MAG a 8/10 also. Maybe 7.5/10. All I know is that SVER's maps are ridiculously hard to penetrate in Domination. It's almost like they set up the spawn points right in front of their bunkers.

sikbeta3237d ago

Great Score, The Game is Just Awesome

rockleex3237d ago (Edited 3237d ago )


Just like how we still think VG Chartz is guesstimating even when they release data that shows the PS3 on top.

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Dellis3238d ago

MAG is horrible, thank god for being able to return games

UnSelf3238d ago

it humors me, that u continue to post knowin no 1 can see it

is it that boring? i mean rly?

sikbeta3237d ago

He return the Game cuz is a PS3 Exclusive, he realise that PS3 Games don't Run in x360 consoles lol

Come on Pal, don't lie to don't have a PS3...


CaptainPunch3238d ago

I wasn't expecting this score from GameTrailers After the Modern Warfare 2 fiasco. Good to see people enjoying the game.

JonnyBigBoss3238d ago

GOOD review. Thanks GameTrailers.

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