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SpazioGames: An ambitious project, MAG delivers fun battles only if played with very motivated players. Its biggest flaw lies deep within its own nature, that big 256 number on the cover. If you think you can find the right group of friends to join, and you can close an eye on the technical side of things, consider it your new multiplayer choice.

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englandsbest3163235d ago (Edited 3235d ago )

Decent score, work to be done though.

Theres always MAG 2 i suppose.

mjolliffe3235d ago

Decent, but not mind blowing...

-Alpha3235d ago

Zipper can fix a good majority of the issues with patches:

-balancing issues
-graphical enhancements (which they've already actually done)
-more modes and maps (DLC + additional free content bound to happen)
-animation enhancements (Happened in K2, it can happen here too if it's such a big deal)

As for a MAG 2, it will likely happen when they feel like they can add even more players into a match.

Though, I'm hoping for Socom 4 instead.

Simon_Brezhnev3234d ago

alpha u bítch about MAG in every article

ChozenWoan3234d ago

There is still lots of maps to be released, at least 4 more for the remaining 4 continents on the map if my assessment is correct. That alone will double the replayablity of the game.

the only real tweaks they need to make is to reduce SVER's map advantages, not eliminate them but to tone it down a little.

VileAndVicious3234d ago

Lol since when does 7 mean decent or even average for that matter? You guys are spoiled by all those ill deserved 9's and 10's reviewers throw about. On a scale from 1 to 10; 7 is actually quite good. (though IMO I believe MAG deserves at least an 8)

5 or 6 would be considered just decent because its smack dab in the middle of the spectrum. See what happens when some reviewers mess up the scale!

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englandsbest3163235d ago


Sing it with me.

Lou Ferrigno3235d ago

dude shhh,keep it down for the bots,dont wanna go telling them the truth about the 360 and 99% of its games now do ya? ..

knightdarkbox3235d ago

ps3 owners how this it feel to play this generic game on your ps3?

Lou Ferrigno3235d ago

ok seriously,im a graphics whore to a great degree and ive spent countless hourse just checking out BFBC2 in detail as well as MAG too.. and my conclusion is that MAG is soo much more detailed then BFBC2 and by6 far has better textures.

someone has got to be BLIND to not see that.. go check for yourselves,i played through both beta and Demo of BFBC2 and i can tell you if the graphics dont get better upon release then MAG takes the crown in the graphics department.

oh and i went on the BFBC2 demo yesterday for about an hour and found NO ONE working as a team and NO ONE had a mic,HOWEVER,on Mag almost everyone ive come across has a mic and ALMOST everyone that i play with in my squad works as a team even if they suck.

so imho, MAG>BFBC2>SOCOM>MW2 :)

-Alpha3235d ago

I doubt most of what you say, but I'm open to MAG being more detailed-- however I strongly doubt it's "SOOO Much more detailed". Any proof? Give me some examples please?

Chubear3235d ago (Edited 3235d ago )


I too was a bit shocked when I played the BFBC demo. It didn't look any better than MAG and infact, MAG DOES indeed have more detail in certain things like terrain and the weaponry in hand and certain foliage and trees even move to simulate a breeze flowing through them. It's slight but when you look, it's there. That's impressive to me

I have no clue how people dogg on MAGs graphics. I think it's just the sheep syndrome.

After playing the BFBC demo my appreciation for what Zipper did with MAG grew 10fold. Great looking game in BFBC and destructible buildings is cool... but damn, I felt claustrophobic a bit after MAG's maps and after the insanity of Domination, 8v8 (or in this case 12v12) feels.. subdued.

Nah, hate all people want. My eyes and brain don't deceive me. MAG is awesome and the best online FPS I've experienced this gen so far.

IF you love MW2, there's no reason why you won't love BFBC.

VileAndVicious3235d ago (Edited 3235d ago )

Me and my friend said the exact same thing. When we first started up the battle field demo and squaded up. The very first thing we noticed were the graphics. In comparison to MAG they are pretty bad, which I dont quite understand because in BFBC2 it like what 32 players? MAG is that times like 8, AND theres alot more happening on screen. The textures and lighting were much nicer and the player design quality were about the same. I urge you guys to seriously play both!

I was kind of disappointed with the BBC2 demo (and I love DICE) but Im gonna have to pass I think. And whats crazy is no matter how much I hate MW2 and wanted to "think" BBC2 would be better; it just simply isn't. But alas once it comes out it will be called the greatest shooter ever and all that jazz. It will probably win a few awards too. Poor MAG... so unappreciated.

Lou Ferrigno3234d ago

hey thanx chubear and vicious,its about time some peeps agree with me that MAG is far surperior then what is made of from the media's foul stench.

the visuals are amazing and the textures are simply stunning for such an accomplishment from Zipper interactive.

BFBC2's graphics are really good from a far stand point but if you go up close to a wall,ground,or vehicle or even an enemy player or something,the visuals are just not up there with MAG's.

and i agree 100000% about the maps feeling clastraphobic since MAG's HUGE MMO style maps its hard to down grade.. zipper uped the anty on FPS and i just cant go back.. SCE keeps pushing their games at the same time giving fans what they want,GAMEPLAY and REPLAY.. something to memorize by.

i will admit i was ADDICTED like no ones business in the BFBC2 beta and couldnt put the controller down,but since ive experienced MAG,BFBC2 just isnt right anymore.

V A L O R FTMFW! (we own sabotage)

anyone who plays MAG and is Valor hit me up with a PM on N4G and ill send you a friends request so we can kick some serious ass online :)

rbluetank3234d ago

he shoot one of our 8 squad mate two times straight. lol the guy told the Squad leader what happen and wanted him booted. the squad leader asked the guy what did you do to the guy said he shoot me two times straight. WTF lmao needless to say Lou Ferrigno was not removed. Valor for the win... Valor does have too much self playing players. we need more teammates... Sver has this advantage over Valor right now!!! FYI Sver maps are VERY unbalance on Domination into their favor compared to Raven/Valor. they need to balance their map or change the defend/attack on Sver base. let Valor/Raven defend on Sver base while Sver attacks on their own base. it gets pretty boring fighting Sver on their unbalanced base in Domination. Sver base our filled with hella clutter while Valor/Raven bases or "clean cut" in comparision. great game overall

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THE MAX SPEED 213235d ago

7.5/10 ?

I call bias. They gave some xbox games better scores so they are clearly biased... PS3 games are only AAAs.

>:( Im Mad.



Chubear3235d ago

lol, you're so weak lol

VileAndVicious3235d ago (Edited 3235d ago )

dude your pathetic. LOL seriously. you go through ALL the ps3 threads and say such meaningless things. Do you have anything else better to do with your life? Or is it something else???

.... I think you really want a Playstaion 3 so you can play
MAG. Thats why you always check up on it. Its Ok..I understand. You dont have to pretend any longer. =)

rbluetank3234d ago

Sver can unarm the bomb placed at their door from the inside. WTF their burntower takes far longer to blow up compared to other teams burnoff towers. Zipper please check into this...