Wedbush Morgan's Pachter Sounds Off

Gamasutra has quizzed Wedbush Morgan analyst Michael Pachter about the biggest game industry surprises of the past few years, his most under-rated publisher, and why next-gen game prices are too low in the latest Gamasutra Podcast.

The analyst responds to earlier comments he's made that next-gen game prices are too low and that 'consumers are getting a gift': "I'm just making an economic argument, not so much a suggestion," says Pachter. "[Prices of next-gen games] aren't going up. You're seeing collectors editions at $70 -- you're seeing the GTA collector's at $90. Guitar Hero -- $90. People don't even blink. They stand in line for the thing."

"I just meant that the public is willing to spend more for the content that they want,"...

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DirtyRat4194d ago

He has some fair points, but he does seem to pop up everywhere lol.

tplarkin74194d ago

Patcher was right about the early success of the Wii. He may also be right about the Wii being a "fad".

His comment about game prices is not totally accurate. Although games cost $50 in 1995, the market was smaller. The market has exploded since then, so the demand is up. If games cost more money, the market would shrink.

DirtyRat4194d ago

yeh but the games also cost about 10 times more money to need huge teams now to develop next gen games, compared to say a 16Bit games, with myabe only 6 in the team.