Fable III to have big features, but they may piss you off

Leave it to old Peter Molyneux to try and re-invent the wheel again. Next week is X10, Microsoft's big gaming showcase, filled with new game reveals and details on this years line-up... and you guessed it Fable III will be there. But some of the games announcements may upset some gamers.

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mrv3213210d ago

Will Peter Deliver them though?

JonnyBadfinger3209d ago

lol he's pretty good at not delivering whats promised.

Fable 2 anyone?... the game was still great but should have been better.

PLEASE do NOT make Natal compulsory... i dont want to have to buy a $200 web cam just to buy a video game, plus everything is better with a controller.

Natal or motion controllers will NEVER take over for a actual gaming controller. If they ever do... i will stop all gaming altogether. As it is my love for gaming is dieing. The only things thats saved it at this point is ME2, but other than that im loosing interest seriously fast... very fast.

3209d ago
Anon19743209d ago (Edited 3209d ago )

Fable was one of my favorite Xbox titles and Fable II was a blast.

That being said, if Fable III requires Natal the series is dead to me. I am not...I repeat not, jumping around my living room like a hyperactive child at the end of my workday in order to play my games.

More power to them for trying something new with Natal, but it had better be optional or you lost yourself a sale already. I guess we'll have to wait and see what they have to show us at X-10 but with how much Peter was hyping Natal, I have no doubt it'll be Natal related.

The_Nameless_One3209d ago

Speechless. Wow, just wow. Just the fact that you figured out how to use your computer is amazing on it's own.

Rush3209d ago

You say that now but you and I both know your be dancing around your room like a fairy in 6 months.

Bubbles_Kitty_Cat3209d ago

I bet he does that now, even without Natal. :D

Megaton3209d ago

Heh, Molyneux... deliver...

-MD-3209d ago

"i dont want to have to buy a $200 web cam just to buy a video game"

Boy, you guys get more creative with the price everyday huh?

The Lazy One3207d ago

he didn't deliver with fable, but how did he not deliver with fable 2?

Fable was drastically over-promised with features, but his PR people kept him in check pretty well for 2...

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THE MAX SPEED 213209d ago

"but he reckons they’re going to piss off a lot of folks"

Fable3 will be using natal so if you want to play the game you have to buy natal so this piss hardcore gamers.

cmon son!!!! dont do that to Fable Fans!

Alan Wake3209d ago

i cant wait for the Best Action RPG ever

we called Zelda for X360

Gimped Hardware3209d ago

just not as amazing as molineux made it out to be - he does seem to be up there with turn 10 for hyping up his own games.

then again with Halo reach, splinter cell and alan wake still to release this year MS have already destroyed the competition without Fable3

xbox360 - if your into games, you've got one

Trebius3209d ago

I prefer PC over 360 ... it gets all the games anyway...and they look 2x better.

3209d ago
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The story is too old to be commented.