EA: Dead Space 2 Will Have Modern Warfare-Level Action

The company says its survival horror sequel is less survival and more action; compares the game's intensity to Modern Warfare and Uncharted.

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swiftshot933029d ago (Edited 3029d ago )

Im still buying it day 1 just because the first was so good, but this is slightly disappointing. However, I do trust them in that they understand why everyone loved the first one: the atmosphere and tension. It didnt feel cheep in Dead Space, which is why its the best horror game this generation. If the action elements can go hand in hand with with the same tension and atmosphere the first had, then I welcome it.

Of course, they will have get rid of backtracking and and have more (and better) boss battles.

Edit: @ below
Well, you're right. If they do make it an all out action game like Uncharted 2, then it will have zero tension and probably no atmosphere. Im saying, that EA knows that atmosphere and tension are important. So they wont go all in one direction (I hope).

snaz273029d ago

how can you build tension in all out action... uncahrted 2 was awesome, but did it have tension? hmmmm not that i remember... the first did a little bit, with the monsters running after you i suppose... but we already have uncharted, infact we have lots of great action games... we are however severly missing horror games, im soooo dissapointed in EA they are just selling out the series so they can sell more, but with the action adventure scene being so saturated i think this could backfire big time! i was so looking forward to this game!!! grrrrrrrrrrrr EA please please change your mind! we want horror and susspense!!!!!!!!!! ok well i do atleast anyway lol.

young juice3029d ago (Edited 3029d ago )

comparing the almighty uncharted to a glitchfest like modern warfare 2.

modern warfare shouldn't even be in the same sentence as mass effect 2, let alone uncharted

morganfell3029d ago

The moment a sequel parts with it's established identity in a vain attempt to one up some other title on it's own grounds, that game just lost everything that made it worthy of a part 2 in the first place.

Goodbye Dead Space, we hardly knew you...

Genesis53029d ago (Edited 3029d ago )

Why, why, why, why, why. Oh and one other thing. WHY!

Redlogic3029d ago

I loved the first Dead Space for it's mix of horror and they want to add more action to make it more like MW2?!? Ugh, this is so disappointing and very very frustrating. What happened to the game industry? Just because a million sheep (i am partly to blame since i got it also) went out and bought MW2 every game needs to aim to be like it? Gimme a flippin break!! I just don't understand this move by EA, they had a great thing going and now they shat all over it. I won't buy it, maybe if they see the sales decrease from the first they will realize they alienated all the fans of the first.

Unicron3029d ago

While Morgan is being melodramatic, i still agree with him. Dead Space was awesome and filled the horror void left with RE5 being all actiony.

sigh. I LIKED being scared by Dead Space... now they tear it away from me? Weak sauce.

A Cupcake for Gabe3029d ago

I guess there's going to be multiplayer now then too...

*vomits in mouth*

morganfell3029d ago

Dead Space accomplished what Resident Evil 5 failed to do...and now they are throwing it away.

Chubear3029d ago (Edited 3029d ago )

What's with all the "oh noes!!" comments?

Didn't EA and many other developers try to give us new gaming experiences and most of them got burned heavily and unfairly, while they saw rehashed sequels of stale ol' games and MW2 types getting record breaking sales?

WE are the ones who discouraged developers to push new stuff and pretty much cry out "meh, just give me 8v8, that's the sweet spot and good enough" garbage comments. Where EVERY SINGLE game that's a shooter is instantly compared to CoD4 and if it's not exactly like CoD4 but in a different skin, then it's "broken & teh fail"!

Well, there you have it. EA is not getting burned by nerdy geeks anymore. They're giving us what we've shown we want. EVERY THING JUST LIKE COD4 - Happy now? lol

SilentNegotiator3029d ago (Edited 3029d ago )

Bioshock 1: Epic story, survival/horror
Bioshock 2: PEW PEW PEW!! (And multiplayer)

Dead Space: Survival/horror
Dead Space 2: PEW PEW PEW!!

Stop it, developers! Stop it!!!

bruddahmanmatt3029d ago

Congrats EA, DS2 just went from being a day one purchase to a demo first/potential bargain bin grab for me. DS filled the void vacated by Resident Evil when it went all action-adventure on us with RE5.

cmrbe3029d ago

I was about to say the same thing. Truth of the matter is gamers nowadays want non stop action and are pussies which i have a huge problem with.

Dead Space is still a gem to us older gamers but it didn't register with younger gamers that couldn't stomach a good horror survival game. Thats why it didn't make that much money. No one can really blame EA. They are in it for the money more than anything else.

Its a sad loss but i have learned to let things go. Young gamers rule the gaming scene nowadays with their love for big macho over powered steroid filled badass trash talking super soldier.

qface643029d ago

so what does that mean they are going to go the route RE4/5 went where it felt more like an action game

if so that sucks not many good horror games left if you ask me

Carl14123029d ago


Really? I'm only 18 but i thought the first Dead Space was a fantastic game and everything a survival horror should be. I am devastated they are crucifying it as i was really looking forward to DS2. EA were being good, releasing new IPs like DS and ME (Both of which i bought and loved)...Now they are just ruining what the did and turning to crap.

DS2 has gone from a 100% day one purchase to a "maybe buy at some point or other."


"Dead Space accomplished what Resident Evil 5 failed to do"

What???? I loved Resident Evil 5, had a blast playing it for months. Cant say the same for dead space though. I didn't hate dead space i just found it very boring slow and un-satisfying

on topic.

If they say that they improved over the first game and made the pace and action likened to modern warfare/uncharted then that makes me very excited for this next game

morganfell3028d ago

Wayne, I liked RE5 also. But what RE5 didn't do was provide a true sense of horror. Plainly put it didn't scare people. If you look back on the RE series there were some genuinely spine-tingling jump out of your chair moments. We didn't get that in RE5.

Dead Space however was chocked full of such moments. While Dead Space may not have made you in particular jump the fact is the vast majority of gamers that played it will attest to the built in couch spring Dead Space provided.


I suppose since you put it like that, i don't really remember being afraid of Resident Evil 5. I do remember epic boss battles moments of triumph in online play that still won't disappear from the infinity of my mind. I believe saying Resident Evil "failed" to be scary is a little bit of an overstatement, because i had so much fun playing it, in my head it will always be " a Great game". Also i didn't enjoy dead space really so this argument for me is a no brainier even though RE5 isn't scary (which i admit its not) RE5 to me, is the better game

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mastiffchild3029d ago

So, after successfully aping a lot of what was great about RE4 they're going to copy Capcom again and take DS2 down the sh1tter after RE5? DS1 worked really well in terms of controls and gameplay and I pray they don't get stuck in the cleft stick RE5 dd by going fully action/horror but sticking with survival horror controls and I'm concerned that this is a move to favour MP over the SP campagn.

I love the first game but have to admit this worries me no end we've got ton of acion games and normal shooters and the very best thing about it first time out was the creeps and atmosphere and rationing your weaponry and ammo and noww they want 6to scrap that and go bvalls out? I just hope it works but if they force SP game into co-op with a dim as can be NPC I'll explode in fury! RE5 was killed to accommodate co-op and i looks like DS2 might die to accommodate multiplayer as the first games controls certanly aren't suited to ny MP I can imagine. We shall see.

morganfell3029d ago

If you saw the piece of released art for DS2 then you know Issac's new suit looks like it was built for speed rather than the slower pace that made Dead Space such a remarkable title of chilling desperation.

Megaton3029d ago (Edited 3029d ago )

Please, stop. Everything you guys keep telling us just makes me cringe even more. First it's "more action, less horror", now it's "like Modern Warfare 2 action". Think we need to have a moment of silence for Dead Space. It had such potential to rejuvenate the survival horror genre.

snaz273029d ago

.............................. ............................... ............................... ............................ R.I.P Dead Space, you will be missed... sniff sniff.

PshycoNinja3029d ago

when the industry and gamers back a game like Modern Warfare 2? Everyone wants to make a game like that. The truth is I liked the Multiplayer a lot but the single player was really bad. The single player in that game was the worst single player I had played all year long. Please devs hear me, DONT make your single player like Modern Warfare 2! For the love of God dont do it!

Bnet3433029d ago

Dead Space looks to pull a RE5. Horror games are losing it these days. Someone needs to step up to the plate big. I want EA to do that with Dead Space 2, but this is not good news.

Gen0ne3029d ago (Edited 3029d ago )

I too was pinning my hopes for DS to revive the horror genre. Crap.

Megaton3029d ago (Edited 3029d ago )

I was really hoping Dead Space would blossom as a full-blown franchise, and shoulder all the weight of a failing survival horror genre. It's one of my favorite genres, but it's on life support with Silent Hill being just generally awful nowadays, Fatal Frame being on Wii (and only in Japan), and Resident Evil being a TPS with gimped controls. Dead Space was amazing. Probably the best I've played since Silent Hill 2 and 3. I'm not so optimistic about Dead Space 2 right now.

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ActionBastard3029d ago

I just lost a bit of excitement for this game... stay positive! Stay positive!

snaz273029d ago

If you need someone to talk to, ill be setting up, a Dead Space Helpline. 0800 EASUCKSBALLS. Kinda catchy aint it! lol