IGN: BioShock Hands-on

Welcome to Arcadia, Time to Die

IGN was able to wander to and fro and even needed to access a map to find our way around the lush labyrinth of Arcadia. Backtracking was pretty common and there were several routes around the very green area. While the map in this level wasn't Oblivion huge or anything, there were definitely more than a few areas to traverse to find all of the necessary components to piece together the Lazarus Vector.

Upon arrival to Arcadia, the felonious Andrew Ryan is there to greet you with his dastardly plot to suffocate you by destroying the city's oxygen supply. Arcadia just happens to hold the lion's share of the oxygen producing trees needed for Rapture to survive as a whole. Seeing his opportunity to destroy you while potentially destroying plenty of other inhabitants as well he begins gassing the plants with a deadly mist. Your only ally Atlas quickly spouts the location of a botanist in the zone that can reverse the effects using a substance known as the Lazarus Vector.

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Jay da 2KBalla4112d ago

This is what I got a 360 for. Games that are doing something different that evolve their genres. Man I cant wait to play this game.

PS360PCROCKS4112d ago

God I know...I was so skeptical at first with the odd graphics but ever sense that first video about a year ago this game has been pretty much number one...I cannot wait to manipulate this world the way I want to, that's exciting.

PS360PCROCKS4112d ago

"I like them like this and I'm tired of corridor shooters and I want different stuff. We're too young an industry to get settled and I think we're getting settled. I love games like Company of Heroes because it sort of said 'You know what? They're not just little pieces on a board.' It changed the way you thought about RTSs. I tried going back to play other RTSs afterwards and I just can't go back. It's just awesome and that's what I want BioShock to do. I want it to have the same effect on shooters that Company of Heores had on me, that Half-Llife had on me, that I just can't go back."

What a fantastic developer...I cannot wait to play your game for you have earned your money

Diselage4112d ago

Looking like a fantastic game, i doubt it'll be the shooter 2.0 like everyone says but it should be good.