TG Daily: Claim: Online gaming puts children at risk

Fascinating video and article discussing how to better protect children from sexual predators that are stalking kids via online gaming services, such as Xbox-Live.

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mrv3213207d ago

Risk? Living is a risk... stop wrapping kids up in bubble wrap, everywhere is dangerous. Your house could be filling up with lethal Radon(sp) as we speak causing ionization of cells doesn't mean you lock your kids up in a solid lead box and provide O2 using the process of electrolosis.

I don't protect them, there's dangers that need to be stopped... just remember to EDUCATE them about the dangers. Notice how most of the problems of gaming is NOT caused by over use but misinformation by the parents of guardian.

cyguration3205d ago

that misinformation is the biggest problem leading to some forms of hazardous encounters for a child, I don't think informing them and exposing them to anything they want to experience is still the right way to go.

Cliff Forster3205d ago

I thought this was a fair reaction to the attached video. Well writen, valueing both the perspective of the gamer and the concerned parent.

Solidus187-SCMilk3205d ago (Edited 3205d ago )

they shouldnt be playing the games anyways.

For example, the 4 most played games on live are all rated M(17+).

Untill there are NO kids playing these games then parents will always be the ones to blame.

Its like if my neighbor wanted me to put up a big fence around MY pool so their kid wont drown, when they have nothing to worry about if they just did their job and watched their own kids.

The true story is taht KIDS PUT ONLINE GAMING AT RISK.

"Ohh I just bought my 9 year old a system that isnt a wii and bought him bloody war game 7 and now hes gonna get molested. Its all onlin gamings fault." No its crappy parents fault for thinking ANOYONE but yourself(and molesters) cares about your worthless children.