7.0 MAG Review "While the game is quite solid in its own right, its primary function is to be a large scale tactical shooter. In that, it succeeds. However, take away the numbers and all that's left is a very generic experience. MAG isn't about delivering a unique set of controls, or gamebreaking mechanics. It's about giant fights, working as a team, and learning the lay of the land in extremely large levels. Those looking for something to just jump right into may be uncomfortable with the amount of time and dedication the game demands, but sitting down and really diving into the game can be a rewarding experience."

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ShawnCollier3207d ago

Hopefully they fix some of the issues in the reviews that have been coming out.

In any case, the sheer amount of people on a given map is amazing on a technical front.

Sanrin3207d ago

They used beachballs to see how many players they could fit!

SoapShoes3207d ago (Edited 3207d ago )

Take away the numbers.... Stop right there! Why take away the numbers? It's the numbers that add to the game and make it special. Some may call it a gimmick or say it doesn't make it better, but the feel of having so many people fighting is awesome. Sure if you take away the numbers it doesn't have that magic anymore, but you can't do that so why care?

It's like saying Grand Theft Auto is great, but take out being able to leave your car makes it a generic driving game...

mephman3207d ago

I think it was just another way of saying the actual gameplay is pretty average.

Sanrin3207d ago

From a mechanical standpoint all MAG has to offer is numbers, and size. Every reviewer is going to naturally have a different opinion of whats fun, but the point being made here is that the game isn't bad. It's just not really unique. For what you pay for it feels like more should be offered.


Tone down them LMG's of doom and hand out free mics to those unable to procure one and all is well.
Oh,and Valor is fail....