Manhunt 2 is going to get editted down under says official

We all know what going to happen to Manhunt 2 here. You know it, I know it, the Queens corgi's knows it but the decision to do so hasn't even been announced, but sources inside the Federal Government's Attorney General's Department say that "We don't want to pre-empt the decision of the Office of Film and Literature Classification Review Board but it is looking very doubtful." Rockstar Australia has also so far not commented on the matter and is probably waiting for the OFLC's decision. Smart thing that.

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tonsoffun4195d ago

I wonder how much of the actual mechanics of the game is going to be changed and will the game, overall, suffer for it?

Saying that though, there is an appeal procedure in the UK, I thought they should have appealed the decision first, after all, Carmaggedon was banned intitally, then released after minor changes, but I am sure the unedited version was released after the appeal procedure was upheld.

PlayStation3604195d ago

was gonna hppen. But oh well, It's better than having the game shelved. I really want to get this game. Loved the first one, and can't wait for this one. It is a little sad that we wont get the full directors vision of the game, but it may be for the best. Don't really wanna rape a decapitated dead girl, even IF it's only a game. lol But seriously, was that scene really gonna be in the game, before the editing I mean?

tonsoffun4195d ago

No idea bud, I have only read various annecdotal reports on it - but if it was then where is the enjoyment in that?

PlayStation3604195d ago

Now I love horror/slasher video games and movies as much as the next guy. And I don't mind a little disturbing/horrific scenes. But necrophilia is a little out there. Now I am curious on how the uncut scenes look, and if someday, somehow the uncut version was released. I would buy that version in a second. But cutting those scenes out of the final version is definately not gonna sway me from getting this game.

MK_Red4195d ago

I hope for the love of God they release some kind of Uncut and unrated Manhunt2 some day.

tonsoffun4195d ago

Can I ask why?

I am not particularly getting at you, but if the actual decapitation/sex bit is in it then why would you want to play that game?

PS360WII4195d ago

Is that if Rockstar would of made the enemies from another world with blue blood this would of gotten the regular M rating.