IGN: Fragile Dreams Hands-On

You might think Fragile Dreams is a role-playing game. It's not. At least, not really. Rather, it's much more of an adventure with some very light elements typical to RPGs. You play as Seto, a teenage boy whose adventure begins shortly after the old man he's been living with dies.

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EvilTwin3205d ago

Is this...wait, it is. This is a good hands-on/first look of a game with objective criticism and praise.

From IGN. For Wii.

Welcome back, guys. I knew you could do more than flamebait op/eds.

pcz3205d ago

Looking forward to hearing more about this game

tunaks13205d ago

the game looks like it has an amazing atmosphere, and art

but I'm a little worried about the combat, I saw a video of the combat and it looked so-so

iforgotmylogin3205d ago

im excited for the game. the combat worries me too

but the story seems epic from the looks.

hatchimatchi3205d ago

story seems like it could be something found in a studio ghibli film.

Game looks really cool, glad it's coming to the states.

tunaks13205d ago

you know it really does!
That makes me even more excited