Mass Effect Has Changed Gaming Forever

Terminal Gamer's Geoffrey Calver looks at how the Mass Effect games have changed gaming forever.

From the article:

"In the end, the Mass Effect story will change gaming because Shepard isn't just Shepard – he's my Shepard. And yours is your Shepard. Our decisions are never the same. We each have a different experience. And because those decisions carry over to the next game, they are real decisions. Mass Effect is very much alive. The universe is teeming with characters that matter and decisions that reverberate."

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himdeel3238d ago

...Tetris changed gaming forever. ME2 from what I understand is an awesome RPG. Not to take anything away from it but the same could be said for any game an individual enjoys.

VTGamer113238d ago

I just read the article and I have to say that I don't think you read anything but the headline. The article is about how the decision-making aspect of the Mass Effect series (and the way the decisions continue to reverberate throughout the different games) has changed gaming. He basically says that games will never be the same because of how much so Mass Effect's Shepard becomes your Shepard.

Next time maybe you should read the article before commenting so you don't sound so uninformed?

himdeel3238d ago

...and like I said if you enjoy a game as much as this guy enjoyed ME2 its going to stay with you. I remeber the 1st time I jumped on a vine as Harry in Pitfall. That stuck with me and changed gaming for me. If your over the age of 30 games continue to be amazing but not as genre defining as some youngsters seem to think they are. Besides Bioware knows rpgs KOTOR did what ME2 is doing now & your decisions affect gameplay there as well.

Udidntlistenpunk3236d ago

Only if youre an xbot.

I am playing this game on the PC and fking hell, its another boring WRPG. I should have known not to waste my time on this game. WRPGs suck ass. They lack action, polish and polish.

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green3238d ago

There is nothing like Mass Effect out there.No game makes you think so hard about the decisions you make because you are not sure how it will affect you in the sequel.I made a decesion at the end of ME2 and i have this feeling that i might regret it in ME3.

Solidus187-SCMilk3238d ago (Edited 3238d ago )

but unfortunately I lost my ME1 save and the default ME1 consequences that bioware choose for people without a ME1 save were not the ones that I had made. So now I want to play ME1 again and then play me2 again.

Im going to have my entire team survive next time tho as one of them died in my first ME2 playthrough(that makes me sad).

Bubbles_Kitty_Cat3238d ago (Edited 3238d ago )

I wish the 3rd game was coming out tomorrow. lol

The wait is gonna seem like forever, and that sucks. :(

Oh well, back to trying to find Tali some more antibiotics... ;)

DeepInterludium3238d ago

The decisions in ME1 had little effect on ME2. No reason to expect much of a difference in ME3.

LoVeRSaMa3238d ago

Did everyone forget about Fallout 3? xD

Tbh, in fall out 3 not only could you make decisions that affected the game, you could also Kill them, and never see them and there family again, that is a powerful tool.

Decisions in ME and Me2 were ok, but I felt more liberated with choices in Fallout 3, ME2's decisions resulted in (which people died at the end of the game) I guess ^_^

Lets not leave GOTY Fallout 3 in the shadows.

NewZealander3238d ago

the D-head who wrote this could have let people know theres spoilers!

thank god i stopped reading when i did!

Lord Vader3238d ago (Edited 3238d ago )

"The decisions in ME1 had little effect on ME2. No reason to expect much of a difference in ME3..."

I've heard others say this. I think it depends how much time u invested in ME1. For me, I had an Asari contacting me over halfway through the game as to my decision with the Rachni in ME1, saying they will basically 'have my back' in the future... which would have 2b ME3...

I had Paragon alternate dialoge from the get go too from ME1, very cool... I thought BioWare did a good job reflecting my decisions from ME1, not too many games do that...

And on topic I thought ME1 changed gaming... lol, much less ME2...

kalebgray923238d ago (Edited 3238d ago )

im happy with the choices i made in me1... like saving the raqchni queen... i talked with an asari and got confirmation when the time came they would help... now for heavy rain also a game with consequences and a truly unique experience

edit:lol the guy above me had the same experience... lol

meepmoopmeep3238d ago (Edited 3238d ago )

i can't transfer my old ME save to my new account o_O
it needs an internet connection or it won't let me move the transfer file

(i sold my wifi to buy a game since i don't play online anyway)

so i started a new Shepard :(

not like it makes that much of a difference, anyway

Simon_Brezhnev3238d ago (Edited 3238d ago )

Mass Effect 2 is good but i still like The Witcher a lot more. I did not like the ending in Mass Effect i was hoping some of my crew members die unless its something to do with choices but im not playing the game again. Then again i never beat a game twice Heavy Rain might be the 1st.

green3238d ago

Please don't mention fallout 3 decesions in the same way as Mass Effect.The decesions you make in Fallout 3 start and end in Fallout 3 but that is not true with Mass Effect2.Decesions you made in ME one will have ramifications up until ME3.That level of interactions between sequels is what i am talking about.

JonnyBadfinger3238d ago

Mass Effect is the first franchise to instead of putting a game on a disc they put EPIC BRILLIANCE with a touch of AWESOME!!!!

The Mass Effect universe is the new Halo universe.

Damnit why'd i lend my copy to my brother... i want to start play through 3.

on play through 2 only my Shepard and Miranda survived, everyone else bit the bullet... Garrus and Grunt dieing pissed me right off... oh and Thane

Simon_Brezhnev3238d ago

I guess everybody lived for me because everyone was loyal. I did all the side missions so its no reason for me to beat it again.

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EvilBlackCat3238d ago

I like when i comment this:

Mass Effect and Elder Scrolls are the best RPG style in the industry and i get disagrees... Come on guys a real RPG gamer knows this is true.

DAMN i cant wait for a combination of both.

tunaks13238d ago

Mass effects 2 changed gaming,
Uncharted 2 changed gaming,
Halo changed gaming,
[insert game here] changed gaming,

my god people the games we play haven't extremely changed since its introduction. In the end your having fun no matter what the polygon count is or how much alien sex you see.

emk20043238d ago

[ heavy rain ] has changed gaming 2 right omgzzzz. im guessing that news is slow this week to bring out this article.

Mista T3238d ago

nothing has changed really, it's made its mark with how good it is but hasn't changed the face of gaming

Call of Duty is a game changer, but in a bad way, its dumbed down shooters

Halo 1 was a game changer, no online shooter did what Halo 1 did on consoles

so on and so forth

Rocket Sauce3238d ago

I ate a chicken sandwich earlier, and it changed my life forever.

Syaz13238d ago

seriously, nothing changes gaming, because gaming is gaming. you pickup a controller / keyboard/ dildo, stare at the screen, and start playing.

VTGamer113238d ago

I would say gaming always is evolving. Yes, the way we game is always the same as in we use a controller of some sort and have fun. But, games change how we look at the capabilities of gaming.

Mass Effect will make game series that don't allow your decisions to affect the story seem antiquated. Seriously, the change Mass Effect is bringing to gaming is in making each Shepard completely unique. Each choice matters and can change the game and everyone will have a different experience. Makes it much more personal and alive.

To say nothing changes gaming is just ignorant.

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