PS3 Home: The Next Big Thing or The Last Big Lie?

This article at Gameplayer looks into Sony's tarnished reputation and why they must deliver on their promise with Home or risk looking consumer trust for the rest of the generation. It also looks into the concept of Home and the potential it gives the Sony PlayStation brand.

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TheMART4191d ago

"In the past, Sony has had a habit of bending the truth. In fact so often have we heard a whopping big one fly from the mouth of Sony that if Kutaragi had been Pinocchio, he could’ve created a land bridge from Tokyo to Tassie by simply going prone! For years the Japanese giant has gotten away with flagrant false marketing ploys, using every dodgy trick in the advertising cookbook to continually service our imaginations with fanciful dreams that ensure our attention. These rarely come to full fruition."

And that's their history. So Sony, you rather make something of Home, because your succeed % isn't that high from what your promised in the past! Simple:

Sony = overpromising & underdelivering. They might surprise this time, but actually I still expect they won't pull it off like they promised. Wasn't PSN going to whipe XBL away @ launch also in November 2006? Riigghhttttt

warfed4191d ago

seriously dude... just go kill yourself, nobody will miss you.

LeonSKennedy4Life4191d ago

Dude...that was great!

Mart deserves death...

...I'm gonna go eat Spaghettios!!!

nix4191d ago (Edited 4191d ago )

sony over-promises and under-delivers.

and MS delivers but refuses to take the credit. for eg. "rings of death" problem or the disc scratch. ah.. what modesty!

EDIT: @whoever disagreed with me:
you mean to say you disagree with Mart too..?

SlippyMadFrog4191d ago

do people always attack TheMart? What he is saying makes sense. Warfed and Leon, don't be childish, if you don't agree with TheMart, say why you don't, don't attack him personally. That is usually a sign of defeat, when you stop arguing and start attacking people personally.

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Bloodmask4191d ago (Edited 4191d ago )

1) 5 Million people would buy PS3s, even if it didn't have any games!

----------------------------- -----------------------------
2) Nintendo copied off of us! We invented 3D!

----------------------------- -----------------------------
3) The DS is trailing the PSP

----------------------------- -----------------------------
4) We are the true innovators!

----------------------------- -----------------------------
5) The rumble feature had to be removed due to the motion sensor

----------------------------- -----------------------------
6) The PS3 is too cheap!


----------------------------- -----------------------------
7) There will be 2 million PS3s at launch!

----------------------------- -----------------------------
8) Next Generation will start with the PS3


----------------------------- -----------------------------
9)We are not arrogant!

----------------------------- -----------------------------
Sony Computer Entertainment president Ken Kutaragi has claimed that the PlayStation 3 will be capable of running games at an unprecedented 120 frames per second
----------------------------- -----------------------------
Killzone2 trailer where Sony says it is actual gameplay not CG

achira4191d ago

you now feel better ? poor soul.

Nicosia4191d ago

You know whats the truth? All companies lie. Its all a marketing trick to just squeeze more money off us gamers.

4191d ago
tplarkin74191d ago

More Sony lies:
1) The PS3 launch will be Spring 2006.
2) The PS3 will have 2 HDMI ports and support 2 HDTVs at 1080p simultaneously.
3) The PSP will have 7.1 Dolby Surround.

ShiftyLookingCow4191d ago

thanks to you Bloodmask I checked out, the funniest thing was Genji. "This game is based on real Japanese history... I am a fighting a giant crab." It totally sucked donkey balls. I hope Angry Video Game Nerd will review this game. HAHA

Xbox 360 launch event was foking horrible itself, if not for the games I would have never bought 360 based on the launch alone.

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AkUmAzRaGe lRl4191d ago

Stop lieing to your self and just admit that the good old folks at sony are just a bunch of lieing sons of b!tchs.

anh_duong4191d ago (Edited 4191d ago )

i am sorry that sony lied to you. tell me how they managed to upset you so much to call them sons of b1tch. very harsh but i am sure they deserve alll this hatred because they did such bad things to you. i am glad you have found trust in microsoft.


anh_duong4191d ago

home: i like the idea. it has potential.

BUT, i don't think home will be that great - yet. don't expect too much from home - else you might be a tad disappointed. i don't think it will deliver for now but i think you need to give it a couple of years and it will be real good.

Maddens Raiders4191d ago (Edited 4191d ago )

why the venom mate? I mean these guys are absolutely no different from any other large corporation. I can understand your leaning toward the "lie" side, but you stated nothing there that is actually considered a lie to current PS3 owners. Think about it :

I mean people were literally getting their brains blown out over this system which is never a good thing, but at the very basic level showed great interest in the console which SNe couldn't deliver enough because of the blu-laser diodes. Are you really gonna hold something like that against them? I mean everyone has production problems ~ just ask Ninty, right? The PS3 can run games at question is still out. A little hard on the business model, huh?

--"On April 25, 2007, Sony announced the PlayStation Eye. This is an updated version of the PlayStation 2 peripheral, the EyeToy. The camera is capable of capturing 60 frames per second video at 640×480 resolution and 120 fps video at 320×240 resolution. The four-channel microphone on the Eye can block out background noise. The camera will support live video chat and voice chat without a headset, and will be launched in Japan in the fall of 2007. Upon its initial release there, it will be bundled with the card game The Eye of Judgment: Conquerors of 9 Fields; pricing information is not currently available. Sony also announced that the release date for North America and Europe should be during the 'summer' to coincide with the launch of SingStar for PlayStation 3. Exact dates have not yet been announced." --

To answer the forum question I believe that SNE told the truth about the system's capabilities, but took us on a litlle ride as far as all features before launch - (2 HDMI ports, no rumble, late launch) - but in hindsight these things are all forgettable now and a little nitpicky. As far as Home goes, this whole concept is going to be HUGE and really kick a$$. People just don't realise how this is going to draw millions of people to become part of the PSN.

Things are coming together wondorfully and I think this summer and fall are gonna give way to a gaming BONANZA.

Give it time Bloodmask. I know you really want a PS3 amigo, but you're going to have to wait for the games like the rest of us. Come on over @Home and we'll chat civilised over a virtual huka smoke. It's hard for me to imagine why you and Martin don't both have PS3's. You guys know as much about the machine as I do and that's saying something! 8-P

Violater4191d ago (Edited 4191d ago )

ArrrU Havin a Laugghh??
Ahh that show is so funny.

Yo bro all the bubbles in the world wouldn't matter, because you see where as we may try to use logic in our conversation, People against the Ps3 are intent on trying to make it look bad no matter how much they make themselves look even worst.
Has anyone noticed the recent increase in PS3 bashing???
all over
all the media houses
Joysiq, allgames, 1 up, and every Joe Blow with a Blog
trash stories on n4g
especially when that 380 games thing came up
but through it all u know what is evident in their voice, "ehhh lets wait until the end of the year" you know why b/c the bastards have seen the games to come, and while they may speak about it on the internet they wont on their Tv show Xplay in particular

Its fear I tell you fear, a serious storm is coming and they know it.

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