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It might not be a reason to sink in another 40 hours if you've already played through it on 360, but if you held off on getting the game last year, your patience has definitely paid off. The PS3 International version of Star Ocean 4 is undeniably the superior game.

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Vincent VII3208d ago (Edited 3208d ago )

Star Ocean The Last Hope (Xbox 360)Review: B-


MGSR THE HD VERSION3208d ago (Edited 3208d ago )

......and yet it still isn't even better looking than ps3's version of bayonetta.

yeah,yeah yeah, it's still the same sub hd mess, as is ps3's version of bioshock 2.

and you can wish all you want for 360's rpgs cause ps3's fvcking bombed and you know it...lolz.

cmrbe3208d ago

just get it for the PC like i did. Although i anint going to buy it when it comes on the PS3 i am still going to laugh my head off when EA announces ME franchise on the PS3 later this year.

I suspect that ME2 was released really early this year to leave room for it to sell as many copes as possible on the x360 and not compete with FF13 mid year. Later in this year when the coast is clear BAM!!. Million of bots crying.

darthv723208d ago

your statement would have more clout if the scores weren't so close. Maybe if it was something like a full letter grade or something like PS3 B+ and 360 C-. B and B- are still technically B's.

MGSR THE HD VERSION3208d ago (Edited 3208d ago )

what's the point of wishing for 360 ports anyway....especially if they're ut3 based?

a lot of them fall do to typical reasons.

nvm, it doesn't matter i'm playing BC2, and ME2, and both kick the sh!t out of this child's play. can keep WKC, blue dragon is way better looking and especially Lost Odyssey too.

N4PS3G3208d ago

B- Vs B

lol you guys literally eat leftovers ..and bad ones in this case

one year old and all you go is from B- to B

anti-gamer3208d ago (Edited 3208d ago )

lol spin spin spin

that what the but do best when they got ownd.

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Xwow20083208d ago (Edited 3208d ago )

of jrpgs are coming to the ps3 :)
from the ps1 days until now play station owners are the 1s who truly appreciate jrpgs .

NaiNaiNai3208d ago

really playstation owners are the ones who truly appriecate them.

Sorry but I played majority of my JRPGS on nintendo products. only a few on ps1, and very few on the ps2, I've actually played more JRPGS on my 360 then ps2, and Enjoyed them quite a bit.

But what do you expect for a fanboy of your caliber.

Sigh3208d ago

"Sorry but I played majority of my JRPGS on nintendo products"

and then

"But what do you expect for a fanboy of your caliber."

Ironic don't you think?

Jamescagney3208d ago

Might be a jrpg actually worth buying.

Jim Hawking3208d ago (Edited 3208d ago )

Don't get this game, even if you like the gameplay. The story, dialogue and characters are so toxic I couldn't play it past about a 1/3 of the way. I don't know if a Japanese language track would help, but I couldn't finish this, and I got through xenosaga episode 1.

Xwow20083208d ago

quote( only a few on ps1, and very few on the ps2, I've actually played more JRPGS on my 360 then ps2, and Enjoyed them quite a bit. )

lol..ps1 and ps2 were the best consoles for jrpgs and u played more jrpg on 360 than ps2, are u really a jrpg player or just pretending.

NaiNaiNai3208d ago (Edited 3208d ago )


How is it ironic.

I stated I played more JPRGS on nintendo products.

that does not mean I favored those games more nor does it mean I favored the system more.

God you are pathetic, good way to get bubbles, twist everyones words and use multiaccounts.

good job :D

NaiNaiNai3208d ago (Edited 3208d ago )


lets see I currently have 130+ games played on my 360 and practicly every JRPG released on the system.

were as I can remember a couple of JRPGS that are worth remember on the ps2, which most were either turned based, strat, like front mission or desgia, jade cacoon, FF10 or others were actiony JRPGS like star ocean, dark cloud, or FF12 which was a mixture.

not to mention games like tales, Phantasy star, fire emlbum, digital devial sagas, persona *seperate series*, and so on.

so please don't go questioning my JRPG gaming past.

but I bet you haven't even played 1/10 of the games I have.

leyego3208d ago


if uve played more jrpgs on the 360 then the ps1 and ps2 then u must be jrpg retarted. the 360 can't hold a candle to the ps1 or ps2.

hell if u stacked every jrpg on the 360 it still wouldn't topple the greatness of something like suikoden 2 or FF7.

so yes you are a xbox fanboy no question about it.
when it comes to JRPGS PS1 and PS2 beat everything thats out today by miles.

deafwing3208d ago

... I played White Knight at E3 and it just didn't do it for me ... I played it recently and still not much had changed. The game is boring. Even FF XIII is a better purchase over WKC (played import) but the international version will make more sense for anyone who owns a ps3.

Xwow20083208d ago

quote(but I bet you haven't even played 1/10 of the games I have.)
quote(lets see I currently have 130+ games played on my 360 and practicly every JRPG released on the system. )
i don,t have to play the same number of games as u i prefer quality over quantity but if u want play numbers games, back in the days of ps1 i played more than 500 games.

At the end i don,t want to enter into kids argue with u about personal opinions but about ur comment earlier (But what do you expect for a fanboy of your caliber)

IF there is a word to describe u then its ((Ignorant))

EVILDEAD3603208d ago

Xbox 360 review from 1up..69 (B-)

PS3 review (B+)

New Box art
Original Japanese dialougue (that majority probably won't use)
You can make the menu brighter

Still a great game for the 360..the voice acting was annoying at first..but you get used to it.loved the combat system..brought action to the usual turn based systems of the past

If you only own a PS3..I'd get it..I would waste 40 hours and not get achievements otherwise. Either way..completely underrated game in BOTH cases..


PopEmUp3208d ago (Edited 3208d ago )

So can You list your "130+ games" on the 360, guess not, but look like you still talk full of Sh*t again what a shame

Sigh3208d ago

Trust me, I run on only one account unlike several others here like Bungie. I just took one part of your ridiculous BS just to show others how invalid you really are, you know, save the other intellectuals the trouble from reading your long whiny excuse. SOIV:International is the better version, it's obvious that just one review stating it is better than the 360 version made you feel insecure and made you talk out of your a^&.

SaiyanFury3207d ago

I'm going to ignore a lot of comments here, but as a longtime fan of the series, I can't wait for it. It might not be in full 1080p HD, but the addition of the Japanese dialogue is a major draw for me. Star Ocean has always been a drawing concept for me as a PS gamer. I knew it was out for the 360 but I didn't like the 3D character designs and I knew that I would prefer it on PS3. Here I am a year later about to love it on my PS3. Patience pays off. :)

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cmrbe3208d ago

Superior PS3 version FTW.

sikbeta3208d ago

Good to Know, I'll probably buy it

Gamers FTW!!!

3208d ago
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