God of War 3 Preview -


With bosses, as well as mini-bosses, after a certain level of damage is dealt to them, a button sequence must be performed in order to finish your opponent. This is now more intuitive in that the suddenly appearing button appears on the screen in the direction that it is on the controller. For newer and less skilled players, it will make the game easier to handle, while for veteran players, more attention can be paid to the visceral animations that accompany each press of the button.

And my, my, this game is brutal indeed. At this point, most of you have likely seen the demo, and many of you have played it. I'm sure that the latter will agree, that between seeing and playing there's no comparison. From the far more graphic ripping out of a Cyclopean eye, to the horrific, literal tearing of the head of a God from its shoulders, these are just the kinds of things gamers want out of God of War 3, and just what Sony and SCE studios Santa Monica is giving us.

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MmaFanQc3203d ago

based on an old ass demo?