The Gamers Temple: White Knight Chronicles Review

So White Knight Chronicles looks and sounds pretty good, and starts things off with an interesting story, but when it comes to actually playing the game… it all falls apart. Why? Well, the game plays almost exactly like an MMORPG, only without the MMO part. Yes, the game has myriad online modes and functionality but the gameplay mechanics simply don't translate well into a single-player experience. To put it plainly, White Knight Chronicles is boring. Real boring. And all of the blame falls squarely on the broken combat system.

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kenpachi3208d ago

looks like it's back to Demon's Souls then

Blaster_Master3208d ago (Edited 3208d ago )

I cant argue his opinion, but to me WKC is freaking amazing. Its got such an epic nostalgic to it. To me WKC feels like a mix of old rpg classics all into one. The most obvious is Xenogears. Anyone who played and loved that game would have a game gasm everywhere. So ya, its like Xenogears, Dragon Warrior, FF, Skies of Arcadia all in one. Lets not forget they had to make it accessible for online play, so its battle system is designed with that in mind from the start. Besides the huge White Knight, the battle system also is reminiscent with the combo attack system in Xenogears. Its gorgeous, and the way you can equip items and it show such level of detail in the armor. The CG in the game uses the gaming engine for amazing details. I really could go on, but everyone thinks its garbage. Its my favorite rpg of all time and I haven't even went online yet.

Oh and btw, its the most gorgeous rpg Ive ever played. The tlc they put in this game is second to none.

Julie3208d ago

Mine isn't here yet and i can't speak about it because i have yet to play it , but for what i saw and read i don't think this game is that bad to get a 5 for score :( , with all these wars on the websites i dunno if what i read is just to make hype or flame wars or i dunno , jaming journalism is crazy :/

But i hope is a good game and for what i saw the online and georama stuff seem pretty deep and fun , and yes it seems to have a nostalgic feeling wich i love on rpgs , for the lipsync thing i don't really care i wont be looking at the characters mouth OH didn't move there! see see! hehe :)

But again i need to play it to be sure :3

Dead_Cell3208d ago

Are you female, by any chance?

Blaster_Master3208d ago

Only shallow, single minded people would ever think that lip syncing affects gameplay in a game as huge and diverse as in WKC. Its in 4 different languages, and yet still the western version tells as grand a story if not better then its international counterparts. They also need to go find a new job cause they obviously dont like to play video games. Probably only truly started playing games this gen.

Julie3208d ago

"Probably only truly started playing games this gen".

I am almost sure that 80% of these new websites and blogs are from people like that who started playing this gen or that are just writing stuff for to get hits or even for the lulz :3

nycredude3208d ago (Edited 3208d ago )

The only problem this game has is that the freaking retards review it are all young retarded gamers who haven't a clue what a JRPG game is and how to play it. They are all of this gen who thinks rpg = Mass Effect 1 and 2 or Borderland or Fallout 3.

Go into WKC expecting those games and 52/100 is what you get. Go in expecting a decent JRPG and 80/100 is what you get.

Don't listen to anyone who claims this game sucks, They just don't get the game and are expecting a shooter with light rpg qualities. This game is a solid 7.5 to 8.

Edit: Who would called their sites the gamers temple? Obviously the person who did take themselves and gaming too seriously.

Blaster_Master3208d ago

bullcrap, this is easily one of my goty awards. This is possibly the purest form of rpg this gen. Not saying all other rpgs arent great, but WKC easily exceeds when it comes to depth, customization, online mmo capabilities without a subscription, awesome story, lore, and characters, old school gameplay elements and nostalgic. My score for this game is a 9.5 outa ten. Only reason why it doesn't get a 10/10 is because the controls needed just a little bit of tweaking such as not having to go into menus as much. Other then that this is Sony's true shining star when it comes to rpgs.