Dante the Peeping Tommaso

GameZone's Marissa Meli writes "Dante Alighieri wrote the greatest work of literature of all time. He was also a wimp. Not just any wimp: a creepy wimp. In Dante's Inferno, the game loosely based on the first third of The Divine Comedy, Dante is a built cut of man-meat willing to do anything to retrieve his beloved Beatrice, who has been spirited away to Hell. In real life, Dante did love a woman named Beatrice, but he did it from a distance."

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Nakerman3238d ago

I love the way Dante has the English cross sewn into his chest, pretty badass!

Caspel3238d ago

USA > UK any day of the week.

Kyrwolf3238d ago

interesting read. gives the 'classic' literary piece a fresh coat of paint and makes me realize - even more so - the disparity between games and literary works.


very cool writeup. graphics look dope!

lindybrett3237d ago

sam rami needs to direct this on the silverscreen

DarkBlade46583237d ago

Loved the demo, definitely wanna check out the full game

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