Final Fantasy XIII's Sazh Katzroy was based on Eddie Murphy

The Lost Gamer writes: "In Official Playstation Magazine UK's Final Fantasy XIII preview article, the FFXIII developers have revealed a nugget of information regarding the character of Sazh Katzroy that is sure to surprise Final Fantasy fans across the world."

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Ninji3153d ago

JRPGs + Westernization = FAIL

Umbrella Corp3153d ago

i was thinking the black guy from Resident Evil Apocalypse O.O.

Seedhouse3153d ago

It surprised me when I saw it, although now that it's been pointed out I can notice certain similarities... :S

hay3150d ago

I'd never figure it out by myself...

MaN_uTd3151d ago

All we need now is a stand up comedy by him

Seedhouse3151d ago

Bit of Beverley Hill's Cop action :P