Why call it PlayStation "Arc?" writes:

"We look at the possible reasons why Sony's motion controller is named (or codenamed) Arc."

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NateNater3238d ago

If this explanation is correct, Sony are geniuses! Augmented Reality Controller sounds like something of the future.

Now what does Natal mean? Anyone got any acronyms for that one?

SmokingMonkey3237d ago

I doubt that when project natal releases that it it be called 'project xmas' M$ will probably give it a 'wii' type name like the 'zune' or something commercially hip.

As for ARC, or Augmented Reality Controller the name makes motion control seem 'grown up' unlike the word wiimote.

gaffyh3237d ago

I don't know what MS could call Natal, I think they should just keep it as Natal because it is already quite recognisable.

Dead_Cell3237d ago

The majority of the general public knows nothing about it.

gaffyh3237d ago

What I meant is that all the media is talking about it, and it was even on Jimmy Fallon

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gauntletpython3238d ago

Arc is so much better than gem lol

gaffyh3237d ago

I hope to God that Sony keep the Arc name, it is a million times better than Gem.

ChozenWoan3237d ago

Everytime I see it mentioned I think of the 80s cartoon "Jem"... boy I must have smoked something good I don't know about.

gaffyh3237d ago

Theres also a guy called Jem on psblog eu lol