IncGamers: STALKER: Call of Pripyat Review

IncGamers' Tim McDonald ventures into the Zone in GSC Gameworld's third instalment in the STALKER series.

From the review:

"STALKER: Shadow of Chernobyl, and sod the silly acronym-creating periods, was a game I respected. It's a carefully chosen word, that; I didn't exactly enjoy it, but I could understand why other people did. It was a very clever idea but with extremely shonky implementation; it required a water-cooled supercomputer to run, animations were off, the difficulty was uneven, the translation was flawed, and the game was riddled with bugs. Despite these problems, it was extraordinarily compelling. STALKER had an atmosphere almost unmatched in gaming, and the shonkiness actually added to that. It felt desolate, creepy, and wrong – exactly what you'd expect from the Chernobyl Exclusion Zone."

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Leord3207d ago

I can understand that grade. From what I have heard, it's a very good game.

BattleAxe3207d ago

Any idea if this game supports the 360 controller?

TheIneffableBob3207d ago

All PC games support Xbox 360 controllers if you use a mapping program like Pinnacle Game Profiler.

Cogo3207d ago

Not 100% sure this is my sort of game.

Maticus3207d ago

Good stuff, looks very atmospheric!

Leord3207d ago

It really brings you in to that fantasy environment!

Holyknight30003207d ago

The detail and atmosphere is amazing, my current computer would literally have a Chernobyl-ish melt down in my house!

moondragon3207d ago

Yeah, stalker was a great idea but all tecnical stuff got in the way, hope this one turns things around.

Fyzzu3207d ago

Looks good. Might have to check this out! Although the first game is cheap, and presumably patched now...

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