First Album Created with Beaterator reports: "DJ Kiva has just released BTR8ION, which is the first album ever created using Beaterator on the PSP system. Kiva uses Beaterator's sequencer, sampler and tools to mix up live intrumentation, spoken word, vocals and so much more."

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IllusionRSN3232d ago

Not the best in the world, but it's still pretty cool what the "game" can really do.

Uncle Rico3232d ago

Hopefully in the future better songs come out

IllusionRSN3232d ago

Yea I think they will, just depends on who gets there hands on it :)

Uncle Rico3232d ago

The beat sounds good for the first few seconds and then he started to sing...omg. Hopefully someone with some skills can make a decent song.

thereapersson3232d ago

Some pretty neat dubstep-influenced beats going on there...

I'm curious about this title now. Might have to see if I can pick up a copy and mess around with it.

IllusionRSN3232d ago

You're Uncle Rico, you can talk to Napoleon about getting some skills can't you? lol

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