Heavy Rain: Ugly Glitches Detected

A new video of the Heavy Rain demo shows some ugly glitches.

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ASSASSYN 36o3231d ago

Obviously the girl has telekinesis and a nervous twitch.

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Blaze9293231d ago

Lmao gotta admit that vid was pretty funny. Does look like she has telekinesis lol.

@Aquarius, and we're bringing Forza 3 into this why again?

darkequitus3231d ago (Edited 3231d ago )

An instant fanboy posture for no reason at all? How Pathetic.

Anyway still a day one pruchase for me.

TapiocaMilkTea3231d ago

Is this Xmen Origins: Jean Grey? That would be awesome!

Christopher3231d ago (Edited 3231d ago )

Hope that's only in the demo.

Edit: 4 disagrees? Do people hope this is also in the full release as well? People really want the release to be glitchy?

MJY2K3231d ago

Hopefully Sony come out and explain what's going on and whether this is representative of the final build

Christopher3231d ago (Edited 3231d ago )

Referring to the number of people who disagreed with my above post... holy f***, you guys are an f****** sad bunch of people if you disagree with the hope that the glitches being shown are only in the demo.

Seriously, that's just the lowest point I can think of for this site, gamers who want a game to be bad.

popup3231d ago

Nothing happened like that during my playthrough.

callahan093231d ago

What the hell? How did he get this glitch to happen? I played through the demo twice today and I never saw anything like this, it all looked normal. Very weird.

nycredude3231d ago

It seems this gen demos are the thing now. Sites are now doing reviews based of demos and betas. heck pretty soon we don't need final retail releases. They should just release demos and charge full price! Instead of the usual "this is only a demo and is not representative of the final product" it would be "This is as good as this game will get and if you don't like it fvck you".

karl3231d ago

haha u made me lol..

antt33230d ago

Wow, i didn't see anything like that when I played the demo...

Hanif-8763230d ago

I downloaded the demo and i have not found any glitches whatsoever but i hope that if anyone else does ever stumble upon one in the demo please let Quantic Dream know about it because this game fuucking rocks theres no doubt that it has the best graphics this generation and definitely has some interesting gameplay.

kingdavid3230d ago

I had 2 glitches.

Once i completely froze during the investigative mission and oculdnt do anything.

The 2nd time the screen went black and started making a weird noise and i couldnt do anything.

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Munky3231d ago

All this fuss over the demo version. as "ugly" as they seem to be, its not the final version of the game.

BeaArthur3231d ago

Very true, but for now it's all we have to go on. I'm sure any issues with the demo will be fixed.

Fishy Fingers3231d ago

I shouldnt worry.. http://www.platformnation.c...

Regarding review build: "Unfortunately, the review code was sent out with some graphical and technical glitches"

Regarding retail build: "Still no notice frame-rate dips or glitches."

Demos even warn you they may contain glitches or issues. I'm not sure what people expect.

Julie3231d ago

i believe people expect to get hits by writing sensasionalistic (spelling? :3) stuff about demos and games, they also expect to create fanboy wars , this is game "journalism" these days :(

I dunno wich gaming website is worth reading these days , even IGN is on that fanboy wars nonsense :/

Blaze9293231d ago

Why'd you only post that? Post all what was said:

It seems as though I may have been a little bit too excited at first. There´s still a fair bit of screen-tearing and it is quite noticeable. It still doesn´t take away from the experience but it is a bit of a shame considering just how beautiful the graphics in Heavy Rain really are. Still no notice frame-rate dips or glitches. Stay tuned and I´ll drop more info as it comes.

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Fishy Fingers3231d ago (Edited 3231d ago )

Blaze, this article is about glitches, there for I posted the parts regarding the glitches.

I've offered up the link for those who care to read the rest, I'm not here to post articles into comment sections, I aim to stay on topic.

Amiroo3231d ago

final version is coming in next 10 days ! are they fix them ? i guess problems with this game is bigger than a fix or patch . what they were doing in last 5 years ?

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Jahmanvibration3231d ago

Such a surprising comment from a Halo fanboy...

Never mind, keep playing Halo.

elcompa4253231d ago

Why_Dis, bungie, fourpoint7, vero, MLG....must have a lot of times on your hands to make about 7 multiple accounts.....

4point7BillionLoss3231d ago (Edited 3231d ago )

nelson, ken, pennywise, ultimulo, morgainfail etc ... all the same account

hey ... did you get your teeth whitened yet ... they're very yellow you know ....

you too Omar sort your teeth out you stupid droid ....

OmarJA-N4G3231d ago

No his teeth are clean & white you the one who smells funny, just one more brainless bubble to go *good riddance*.