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A seriously flawed shooter that deserves your attention, if only to witness its large scale and insane multiplayer battles.

When Sony introduced MAG to an eager public, it drove home the game's biggest selling point: 256-player online combat. That's unprecedented for a video game, as even the "big boys" (Modern Warfare 2, Gears of War 2) can't match that statistic. Still, after playing the beta a few weeks, GameDaily asked themselves, is that all there is? Well, they've played the final product, and while it has flaws that are hard to ignore, those who stick with MAG will like what it has to offer.

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Cold 20003206d ago

No AAA score. Move on people, nothing to see here, they are obviously biased.

NateNater3206d ago

How about you actually try and read the review instead of just looking at the score and moving on.

OmarJA-N4G3206d ago

Well that didn't stop many people from buying & enjoying it... :)

Nothing to see here folks just your typical 360 fanboy. :)

nycredude3206d ago (Edited 3206d ago )

Why should I move on cause you think this score is accurate.

I've been playing this game all week, with Mass Effect 2 sitting in my 360 waiting for me to get back to it.

I've slept 4 hours a night for an entire week and I am stuck at work waiting to get home to play. Forget the reviews on this game fellas. This is a love it or hate it game depending on your skill level and commitment. The committed ones will love it eventually. The ones looking to just shoot people will move on to the next cod, which is good for MAG IMO.

Edit: I want to add that I am NOT a big online player. I dabbled in COD and Bad company, but the only online game I really play up to this point is Uncharted 2. However I am completely hooked on MAG!

raztad3206d ago (Edited 3206d ago )

Just the contrary dear Cold, just the contrary. Putting aside some minor details, MAG is just the BEST multiplayer game out there. MAG is destroying my life.


OK. I do agree with your correction, but sometimes I feel like inserting "IMO" or "I think" is redundant, so I just skip them, after all this is a guy's opinion.

@cold bellow

I'm not even complaining about the score pal. Just saying games is awesome, at least for me, and some other guys around.

Montrealien3206d ago

(Just the contrary dear Cold, just the contrary. Putting aside some minor details, I think MAG is just the BEST multiplayer military shooter game out there. MAG is destrying my life.)


And I agree with you.

Cold 20003206d ago

Well Raztad, I'm actually glad you enjoy it.

MAG isnt my type of game so wouldnt care if it got a 10/10 or a 1/10. Just taking a jab at those on this site who can't seem to understand the fact that not every PS3 exclusive is 10/10, and doesnt need to be a 10/10.

nycredude3206d ago (Edited 3206d ago )


I hope you are not going to go around amending all comments like that cause then you will never get off N4g. your life will be ruined. Also have you played MAG yet? I am interested in your opinion on it since you own a game store, right?

@Cold Dude stop the charade, you haven't played it so how do you know if it's your type of game or not. Seriously people who just read reviews and never played a game but have so much to say about it are the worst, even worst than fanboys.

Unicron3206d ago

"and doesnt need to be a 10/10. "

I wish both "sides" would figure that out.

Uhoh, some random guy somewhere put a number on a game I'm interested in that doesn't agree with my opinion! End of world!


Megaton3206d ago (Edited 3206d ago )

Doesn't matter what score they give MAG, GameDaily has a long trail of 360-centric bias. I'm not one to cry shenanigans over the occasional bull review, but GameDaily is one of the few outlets I consider blatantly one-sided towards the 360. Until they trash that worthless hack Chris Buffa, there's no way I'd ever take them seriously. He's the source of all their swooning over Microsoft.

I mean come on, they named the 360 the best console ever made. One of the reasons you shouldn't buy a PS3? It doesn't use the 360's controller. Why shouldn't you buy Soul Calibur IV on PS3? Cause the 360 is better. Why's it better? Because it is.

Unicron3206d ago

Yeah, Chris Buffa is pretty sad.

Montrealien3206d ago (Edited 3206d ago )


What can I say, it is a very solid online shooter. I just wish I had more time to play it though. I put in about 4 hours now and I do enjoy it very much. Zipper delivered imho.

and I am just messing around with the whole corections thing, its a slow day today.

sikbeta3206d ago

@Cold 2000

You're right is not an AAA Game, but let me tell you The Game Is Awesome, now take your time to play it, you'll not regret...

madmonkey03206d ago

its getting mixed reviews but it is still sold out in my city, i tried all 3 game shops and two supermarkets and i couldnt find it, so i had to buy it from ebay instead.

Fox013206d ago (Edited 3206d ago )

7+ or you're blacklisted.

Sorry I meant goo... great, game and I can't wait to buy it.

pixelsword3206d ago (Edited 3206d ago )

When you blacklist something, you basically block access of something or someone to things you provide.

When you further it by selling something in its place, it can be considered a monopoly.

When you go even further than that by then buying-up or pushing a competitor out of business by the previous practices, it's an antitrust action.

And we know that Microsoft doesn't do that. ;)

evrfighter3206d ago

I watched a little bit of youtube footage of it....

I didn't really get to watch it. I woke up when it was done

kneon3206d ago

If MAG isn't AAA then neither is MW2. MW2 has glitches far too numerous to mention, the single player is way too short and easy even on veteran and the online is no where close to MAG. MAG is a much richer game than the simplistic online in MW2. Yes the graphics are a bit better on MW2 but MAG is just so much more intense and a lot more fun.

I've put in over 20 hours so far, that's already more than I did with MW2 before I got bored.

bjornbear3206d ago

why are you the first to "comment" on a MAG (PS3 exclusive) article, in which you clearly have NO interest?

do you have no life? are you really that upset over this "console war" that you are actually trying (a long with bungie) to get attention and try to annoy gamers?

wow man, talk about being a sore looser xD thou are so sad thou hast made me tear ='(

however I agree, this is no AAA title =) but the site isn't biased since the review is fairly written

you see it isn't the score, its the justification (review) behind the score.

you can give a game a 7/10 and act like a complete fanboy, or you can give a 7/10 and be fair about it - this review is alright =)

raztad3206d ago (Edited 3206d ago )


I also fall asleep watching others having fun. Why not to put your PS3 in good use? Are you a serious FPS player? MAG is a must.


What is all that nonsense about AAA? Nowadays AAA == mainstream == casuals == noobtube == campers == autoaim. Sorry I prefer a deeper experience.

n4gno3205d ago

only cold and his blind friends don't know gamedaily is biased.

fans are really funny.

commodore643205d ago

I just hate it when people call MAG a flop.

The game is clearly not a flop.
7/10 is a solid score and the ps3 gamers should be proud.

Even on metacritic, the score is 75, which is still respectable.
The technical feat of getting 256 players onscreen and online at once is worthy of 7/10, by itself, I have said it before.

Sure, it's most definitely not 'AAA', nor 'AA', nor 'A' for that matter, but it's still solid and many gamers will ultimately enjoy it.

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Orange Juice3206d ago

I really enjoy MAG, I can't wait to see how it evolves over the next year. Join S.V.E.R!

AK463206d ago

Same here, this game is only going to get better with age to an already great game. Looking forward to 3 new maps soon, more attires, and hopefully more weapons. I can definitely see this game as Sony's new flagship shooting game.

AK463206d ago

This is worst review I read about MAG, and I'm not talking about the score. He complains about how he can't tell the difference from friendlies to foes, what the hell! Well I'll tell you after playing BC2 demo, I can say it's a lot harder to tell the difference from enemies and friendlies in the BC2 demo.

He then talks about there's no single player and that there are some glitches. Well there is glitches in most games, but that always can get fixed."

OH! He says "If you need a combat fix and can't wait for Bad Company 2, this is definitely worth renting." Sorry to say but BC2 is probably going to have similar issues that of MAG, but that won't stop him from giving BC2 a 9/10

raztad3206d ago


One of my biggest grips with BC2 was no telling friend from foe. Everybody look the same. I dont like friendly fire teamates so many times I just ended up killed.

AK463206d ago (Edited 3206d ago )

@ raztad

Here ya man, You have almost the same colors, one is only a little darker than the other. I'm shooting away thinking it's the enemy and the friggen dude starts swearing at me, not the actual player but the voice of the games character. Then now I'm actually pausing to see if he's a friend or foe, next thing I know I'm getting stabbed in the head or my body is full of bullet holes. They definitely got to fix that because the game is too good too have something like that in it.

Chubear3206d ago

.. how can't you tell the difference btw friend or foe? There's a big blue arrow on the heads of friends and a big RED arrow above the head of foes. If you see someone a ways off with no name on their heads then shoot, it's the enemy.

Men, it's up to the PS3 fanbase to make sure games that push gaming forward is supported and encouraged so we keep getting better iterations of these expansive games. The gaming media are shot out. They complain about innovation but hardly ever encourage developers in this area and rather highly encourage high hyped mediocrity like water.

happy_gilmore3206d ago (Edited 3206d ago )

'it's hard to tell who the good guys are" no, it's not. there's an arrow on top of the heads.

"poorly textured objects that changed as we moved closer to them" same thing with mw2 but never heard that flaw in your review.

"MAG doesn't have any kind of single-player component" let's give a 7 to world of warcraft as well. mag is a mmo-shooter.

"they're also very chaotic" how about in mw2, where that enemy that you just killed spawns right behind you to kill you, isn't that more chaotic and frustrating?

the only valid flaw, that he did not mention, is that this game is a ps3 exclusive. i bet a lot of reviewers are xbots and have hidden agenda. this shows that gaming journalism is corrupted.

chrisulloa3206d ago

According to the device I currently have in my hand, the butthurt filter is OFF THE CHARTS!

Trebius3206d ago

But whatever.

I enjoy the game.

nycredude3206d ago (Edited 3206d ago )

Orange Juice

I agree with you Mag is great if you stick with it. I played for 25 hours in about 4 days and I can't get off it enough to finish ME2!

It's not for everyone but lots will love it. Of course Cold won't like it cause he doesn't play games, only scores.

However people do not jump on the SVER bandwagon. Sure they have the more experience players and they win alot but the other factions need your help! This game relies on the community to thrive and if everyone jumps on SVER because "they the best" then the game will be unbalanced? Get on Valor or Raven and when you reach level 60 you can switch. You get a trophie every time you reach 60 on a faction anyway.

Join Valor or Raven

PSN: NYCREDUDE (Valor) Clan [BYF] Beat Your Face

Edit: Yeah didn't get how he can't tell friendly from foes. All three factions look completely different, heck SVER look like terrorist and there is clearly different color triangles on top of the players. Blue for friendlies and red or enemies, not to mention the map also points out where your squad is at all times. Seems this guy just sucks at this game.

Orange Juice3206d ago (Edited 3206d ago )

Sorry, I wasn't saying join sver because "they the best", but because they are my favorite faction, since the beta. I see where you are coming from though, a good sver squad is tough to beat.

Join Valor or Raven or S.V.E.R, whichever you personally feel comfortable with!

nycredude3206d ago

No need to apologize. There is nothing wrong with joining either faction. I am just saying we need some more good players in Valor and raven to even out the balance a bit so the game builds a solid community. I am Sergeant first class at level 32 now. When I reach 60 and my clan reach 60 we will move over to another faction and start over, then we will do it again.

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