Trine gets a permanent price drop in Europe

PS3 Attitude: "Starting today, Trine will be available at a reduced price. Woot!"

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snaz273207d ago

11.99? nah thanks ill pass, i can get LBP for less than that! aswell as a load of other games... i already have LBP, but hey lol... i hate game prices! id love a comparison between films and games... ie how much a film costs, then the return... and how much a game costs and return... gamers always get it up the ass! its even more of a rip off when its digital download, they aint paid any middle man, no packaging, no box art, no shipping costs... i dont think many games should be more than say £5, how many here would buy it at £5? i bet pretty much everyone!

Lucreto3207d ago

It is a good game. I payed full price for it. It is a full game with a Platinum at the end of it all.

snaz273207d ago

can i just ask how long did it take to complete? oh and i saw killzone 2 in the 2 for £20 quid deal at blockbusters today, now thats what i call value for money! brutal legend was £20, thought about getting it but ill wait a bit more... im sorry i just cant warrant buying this for 12.99... why you think they dropped the price? cos it aint selling id guess lol, but if they did it for £5 they would rake it in! what overheads do they have now its on psn? none! yes they had development costs, but if they advertised trine on the psn store for £5 im betting they would make that back 10 fold! considering it was multiplatform too.

Lucreto3207d ago

Did you play the demo? If you haven't yo should. I piad full price just from that.

I think the average run would last 5-10 hours but if you collect everything it is longer.

Silly Mammo3207d ago

I played it on the PC and it was a fun time!