10 Needlessly Perverted Mainstream Games

Mark Fujii of TheGameReviews writes: "Everyone knows that sex sells, particularly in the video game business where the average consumer is an adolescent male with more raging hormones than purchasing discretion. However, there's a fine line between using a little T&A to shift copies and, well, just being really creepy with inordinate emphasis on sexual objectification and voyeurism. Surprisingly, some of the most needlessly sexually suggestive games are the most popular ones that everyone plays, and they're not just the obscure Japanese ones or the tasteless old-school attempts at interactive pornography. Here are ten gracelessly perverted mainstream games which should make you feel more than a little uncomfortable and dirty about playing."

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tehk1w13205d ago

I'm not going to lie...I played DOA: Volleyball. I said I was buying it for a friend. :(

lolcatz3205d ago

Did you play it with only one hand?

toaster3205d ago

Hey I don't blame you man. DOAX2 had some good mini-games.

nycredude3205d ago

Funny you brought that up cause I just bought it (DOAX2) for 3 bucks used at gamestop. I pitty the people who paid full price for this game when it released. :)

Raz3205d ago

The way things are going, though; I'm starting to think sex is going to become a completely virtual experience. With location tags and post-coital tweets for the legions of virtual voyeurs who'll want to tune in and watch. Couples will have their own sex channels, their own virtual following, people will subscribe and pay good money to...oh wait, that's already happened.

Never mind. Just hook me up to the Hedonism3000 and send Bayonetta over.

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teenieboober3205d ago

Bayonetta was absolutely shameless. So were most of the other games on this list.

Raz3205d ago

A PS3 commercial where the PS3 morphs into Bayonetta and then f*ks the brains out of the guy who 'turned it on'.


I know - I should totally be writing for Sony's advertising division. ;)

GamersRUs3205d ago

OH SNAP. They made fun of Metal Gear Solid.

Flames incoming in 5...4...3...2..1...

cain1413205d ago

Bayonetta was a little nuts...

mr durand pierre3205d ago

In MGS the sexuality is gratuitous and adds nothing to the story, theme, etc. It's just an easter egg. But Bayonetta's sexuality is a part of her character. The camera doesn't so much as gaze at her as she knowingly poses for it. The story may be nonsense, but her sexuality is key to what that game is about; ecstasy.

shoinan3205d ago

Yeah, but does it need so many crotch shots and a dance video at the end? There's thematics and then there's using a theme as a veil.

tehk1w13205d ago

There were characters in Bayonetta? Wait --was there actually a story?

I got Good Witches vs Bad Witches BANG BANG BANG KILL KILL KILL

End Game.

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