ModNation Racers Goes Portable

From EU PS Blog, " Hi everyone. My name's Liam and I am the European Product Manager for ModNation Racers! So another week has gone passed and I'm ready to announce some really exciting news.

ModNation is going Portable!
Yep that's right PSP owners will be able to get their hands on a PSP version of the game; allowing you the same creative tools to make your mod, kart and tracks while your on the move/on holiday/at your grandparents house. You will also be able to upload, download, remix and race creations by the PSP ModNation community."

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Milky3207d ago

great news. The beta is so fun on PS3, probably gonna get both versions.

Saaking3207d ago

That's great. I think this game is gonna be awesome both on the Ps3 and the portable version.

[email protected]3206d ago

yup, me too... :)

Love the demo.

sikbeta3206d ago

Amazing, Day one For Me, this Game is Pure Fun...

Orange3206d ago

Would be great if the software could automatically convert PS3 generated tracks to PSP playable tracks so we don't have to double up on track making.

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DeforMAKulizer3207d ago

That trailer looks to be superbly amazing!!!!!! I was excited for it on the PS3, but now on my Go as well… WOW!!!!!!
Btw, anyone notice how Sony has a tendency to reveil PSP games in February… Last year same time they revealed LBP PSP and Assassin’s Creed Bloodlines and Rockband… Wonder what they have in store for us this year!
Im off to play Crash Team Racing!!! =D

MajestieBeast3207d ago

Wow nice support for the psp great idea to have it on psp just like lbp.

Milky3207d ago

oh man I love crash team racing, this really does looks superb. I want it now.

Sigh3207d ago

Looks amazing. Great to see it's also on the go.

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The story is too old to be commented.