The Playlist: February 2010

TheGameReviews provides a complete list of this month's new video game releases, along with a look at which games the TGR staff will be playing in the coming weeks.

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tehk1w13210d ago

Eh. I'm still a bit on the rocks about Heavy Rain. Sounds like Sony is only allowing good reviews to be published, so there might be a bunch of bad ones waiting.

shoinan3210d ago

It will be great. It has to be, dammit.

BetaChris3210d ago

From what I've played of Heavy Rain, it's an adventure of a different breed - and rest assured, it is absolutely not one long series of QTEs.

That said, is it for everyone? Certainly not - it is understandably dialog rich, and not something you can (or should) try to play in short bursts.

cain1413210d ago

can't wait for bioshock!!!

SlamVanderhuge3209d ago

I hope it's as good as the first one, but I'm worried

mr durand pierre3210d ago

I have a feeling Heavy Rain will either be absolutely amazing or an incredible piece of dreck. Looks like a choose-your-own-adventure movie, which might be okay, but I'm not sold on the "movie" aspects of it being that good. Clips I've seen have left me underwhelmed, though it also sounds like a game where the best moments will be the quiet ones that takes you by surprise, so who knows.