OXM UK: Aliens vs Predator Demo - The Verdict

Aliens Vs Predator. Versus marines too, as someone needs to represent the human side of the clash. Sega released a multiplayer demo that features one map and one mode, Deathmatch, but with all three sides playable.

So far, the demo has met with some very mixed reactions. Is the criticism valid? Or are fans being hyper-critical because of the reverence they hold for the series?

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BeaArthur3234d ago

Planning on trying the demo out but this one is pretty low on my radar.

ASSASSYN 36o3234d ago

It will stay low. I am so dissapointed in rebellion. They destroyed what this game could have been with terrible forced auto aim and graphics.

Baka-akaB3234d ago (Edited 3234d ago )

AVP was never a graphical powerhouse so i wonder were that part of the dissapointement comes from .

The rest i dunno , i couldnt even connect lol .

What bothers me though is that they'd release only a deathmath demo ...
It it silly when people have been so positive about gears of war's horde and uncharted's co-op modes , when AVP did all of it eons before .

ramdom deathmatch chaos with the obvious noob getting pissed at existing (or often not) balances issues between the race is hardly smart .

TheDeadMetalhead3234d ago

It sucks, but did you expect anything different from Sega/Rebellion?

BattleAxe3234d ago

I downloaded the AVP demo along with the BF:BC2 demo and while there were tons of people on the Battlefield demo, I couldn't even find a game to join on AVP(PSN). I think they should have come out with a single player demo instead as I don't think this game will have a huge online community.

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IaMs123234d ago

Meh the game is decent right now, but the more i played the demo the more i started to like it. I think its one of those games if you can force yourself to play it long enough, you will really enjoy it in the end. There is just something missing from the gameplay though.

Anyways bring on Aliens: Colonial Marines already!

blue7xx73234d ago

Yeah I agree I didn't like it at all when I first played it but I forced myself to play it more and then I liked it a lot more. But still won't buy it. It was just to easy all you do is sneak up behind someone and get an instant kill by pressing one button that's how practically everyone gets their kills. Just don't see myself playing this game for to long. It was ok but nothing I would spend $60 on considering the games that are coming out very soon.

gammaknife3234d ago

Well I took the time to download this demo yesterday it took three trys to get connected to a game and 25 minutes for it to find 8 people to play together graphics were poor and gameplay was very difficult needless to say it was erased from my xbox within the hour i would say this is a desperation renter thats it

edoman203234d ago

wow! a veredict over a demo

that´s being intelligent

Jamescagney3234d ago

I know, it makes me laugh when people judge games based on demos. Demos are just a bite of a game, and more often than not poor representations of the final product.

BeaArthur3234d ago

That's nothing new, lots of sites give their insights on demos.

BeaArthur3234d ago

Jamescagney...well that is Sega's fault. If it's a "poor representations of the final product" then they shouldn't be releasing it. Demos can make or break the game in some players minds and to release an old build is for lack of a better term stupid considering this is a new IP. An established franchise can sometimes get away with it but if it was me I would want the best possible demo I could put out there or I wouldn't offer up anything at all.

Jamescagney3234d ago (Edited 3234d ago )

Who said it was new? Doesn't mean it means much about the full game does it.

EDIT:You could just edit you know.

Anyway, I agree sometimes demos are not as well done as they should be, which is a shame. But the fact remains that a demo is not the best way to judge the full game. I've played plenty of demos in the past that were terrible, but the actual game has been a lot better.

BeaArthur3234d ago

It is a new IP because there has not been an Alien vs. Predator game in like a decade or something. This isn't a sequel where we already know what we are in for. They are not judging the full game though, they are giving their opinion of the demo. There were multiple times in the article where they said the final version is more polished. I would agree though that there is really no need to evaluate a demo since we can all do that ourselves.

Mista T3234d ago

if devs had any confidence in what they have or if there coming to a close in the development process they release a demo, if there not done, they don't release a demo

this is why demos needs to be judged, if the online demo was incomplete it would be called a beta or something around those lines

pimpmaster3234d ago

dont get your logic. isnt the whole purpose of a demo to show off the game. this isnt a alpha build, the game is done and has gone gold already. if u dont like the MP demo then u wont like the retail game.

but aside from that make your own decision, if you like it then good for you dont complain if others dont. i thought the MP was regular but did have some fun cause i was playing with some friends on 360 in a party

Jamescagney3234d ago

Well the thing is, and this might strike you as a bit strange, but this demo will not mean anything to those that are getting it for the single player game. I'm not even interested in getting the demo. I will wait for reviews and make my own mind up about it.

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Obama3234d ago

It's a battle of pressing E.

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