PlayDevil: Military Madness: Nectaris XBLA Review

PlayDevil has posted a review of the XBLA war/strategy title from Hudson, "Military Madness: Nectaris".

Here's a snip:

"With eleven years past since it's last iteration Military Madness was in dire need of a graphical overhaul before it hit the current consoles. The original sprites have been re-imagined in 3D and, on a technical level, look good for the scope of the title.

By virtue of releasing the game as a download only title the developers were also able to place a greater focus on online play. The single campaign consists of small-scale skirmishes and offers little in the way of lasting challenge. I assume this is because Hudson, knowing that players would have access to the Internet designed the single player as a training ground for multiplayer that forms the backbone of the game."

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