In The Dungeon: Part One

In the first of a four-part series, Shadegrown Games founder Matthew Burns remembers trying to score his first job in the game industry as a tester.

Matthew Burns: "It's true that game testing can be a good experience and an important first step on the route towards one's game development goals. I began my own career this way, testing games for a little over two years, working in the basement of a nondescript office building in Santa Monica. I'd wanted to get into the industry since I was a child, but my naive flirtations with a career in making video games had never met with any success. So, though I was slightly dismayed with what I had heard about the game tester's metaphorical equivalence to being a copyboy or an extra, I turned to it after it had started to become clear that my other youthful plans of attack on the great big world (such as the one where I became a dot-com millionaire, and then started a game company) had more of a component of fantasy to them than I was initially capable of admitting."

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