Eurogamer: Star Trek Online Review

Star Trek Online is in a field of one in terms of its theme, its only real rival being the intimidatingly complex and political EVE Online, right at the other end of the accessibility scale. It's a unique offering then, in many ways a loveable one, and for Star Trek fans if not MMO gamers it's a great social experience. It makes its licence a blessing, not a burden, but it's a blessing this rickety voyage into the unknown badly needs.

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Perjoss3208d ago

this is the kind of score I was expecting, I didnt get to see much during beta because of lag issues, but what I did see was poor. This one reminds me of SWG, SO much potential but in the end poor execution. It baffles me because a well executed MMO based on the star wars or star trek universe is a potential gold mine, but they seem to give these projects to the wrong people.

Lucreto3208d ago

There has been a lot of improvement over the beta.

Panthers3208d ago

Luckily they gave the next SW MMO to Bioware. I dont think it gets much better than that.