Gamers For Gaming: The plan revealed

The current debacle surrounding Manhunt 2 has hit a nerve with Destructoid. It's not that Destructoid feels particularly protective of the game itself, or of Rockstar as a developer. What they have a serious issue with is the principle at stake here.

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MK_Red4195d ago

If we show weakness and let our guard down, soon they will start banning other games and before we know it, they will ban GTA4, Halo3 and MGS4, giving them AO or something else. They will kill the mature and adult gaming. We must do something.
And I hope we can do something to help Manhunt2 and to help it to be release UNCUT and FULL.

Skynetone4195d ago

Due to that kid how was stabbed over sixty times by a teenager how was obsessed with the game manhunt

Diselage4195d ago

I can't believe people still try to make a connection between media and actions, just like back in the 60's and 70's saying that Kiss music was driving people to commit murders.

PEOPLE CAN BE EVIL. Deal with it, trying to explain their behavior will only lead to being short sighted.

PS360WII4195d ago

haha Kiss for those people stood for Knights in Satans Army. Wow that was a sad group of people

PS360WII4195d ago

Yeah pretty soon we'll all be playing E only games :(