5 reasons to love MAG

MAG is a unique title. A MMO FPS console title that, while massively hyped before release, has had a massive question mark hovering over its head. Early reviews have been good, but not great, but most reports have this as a title that can easily last the test of time. With such an aggressive focus on online gaming and teamwork, you'd hope such a game, and an PS3 exclusive nonetheless, has the potential and value to stay in your Playstation 3 for years to come, much like the Call of Duty titles.

With such a massive scope, one can only imagine that MAG has the potential to be massive in experience and action. It is, without a doubt, but that doesn't mean everyone will love it.

You can find 5 reasons why you should love MAG after the jump

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Mr_Bun3232d ago

The author is off on a couple of points:

• You aren't stuck with your faction "forever"....just 'til you hit lvl 60
• You aren't stuck with your weapon can respec your upgrades at every 3000 points or so

Bungie3232d ago

the developers should get an award for squeezing 256 player with 0 lag

it's very awesome indeed

raztad3232d ago (Edited 3232d ago )

respec your upgrades? what does it mean? please elaborate a bit more. I always see those respec points but so far they have been useless for me.


thanks buddy. I'm going to check it out.

madmonkey03232d ago

@ raz, wehn you have enough points you can re-spec your character, which means you can re-allocate all of the skill points you have spent so far, so you could switch from a sniper to assualt or to medic, when you have enough xp to re-spec.

davekaos3232d ago

@ mr bun.
The respec points are 3500,7000,17000,26000,35000
By the time u respec at 35000 you should just be able to upgrade all weps 2 the max and some other stuff like revive

sikbeta3232d ago

I only can say that MAG deliver, I wasn't expecting something OMG-Innovative cuz lets be Honest, FPS Genre don't Make HUGE Innovation Steps and is becoming more and more Generic, MAG goes Against that not only for having 256 Players at the same time, is just for the way you play the Game, you need a team, you cooperate, you Follow/Give orders and that's Amazing cuz you feel like fighting in a Real Battle

Gamers FTW!!!

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gamerdude113232d ago

Proximity Chat - Talk to the enemy or people in other squads on your team by being near them. I love prox chat, and wished more games used it.

Community - The best implementation of a party system on the PS3. Easy to join friends, create groups, and good clan support. For the most part, players work as a team to achieve the objective.

Skill Tree/RPG elements - You can build your character based upon your play style. Rather than getting a new perk when you level up, you get a skill point that you spend as you see fit.

Dedicated Servers - There is no host advantage in this game. It's a level lag free playing field. One of the few games on consoles that you get to play with dedicated servers. Not to mention matches of between 64 and 256 players.

Non-regenerative health - The player chooses if they want to waste load out credits on a First Aid kit or Med Kit. You don't heal by hiding behind a box for a few seconds, you need to equip the med kit and heal or find a medic to assist you. It's a refreshing change from the FPS in a box mentality that too many games adopt nowadays.

davekaos3232d ago

I agree with your 5 reasons, could not have said it any better myself.
Any way folks any 1 from uk wanna join my clan in valor unit pm me, BTW im at officer in charge rank

DigitalAnalog3232d ago

It's not a pick up and play just unlike the *cough generic shooters nowadays.

-End statement

Raoh3232d ago (Edited 3232d ago )

it definitely isnt but and it can be frustrating if you cant get with a really good squad/platoon. most of my clan was not on last night and its hard to A) play with people that are not into teamwork and B)playing with people from different countries where there is a language barrier...

but i love the game...

although i'm used to dealing with how things turn out. back in the socom days, we would play where if you died.. you died.. until the end of the match. if you can deal with that you can deal with a little frustration here and there.