Star Trek Online Does Not Have 1m Users

Atari has clarified its earlier statement, that one million Cryptic accounts have been created, not Star Trek Online ones.

Cryptic accounts are required to play Cryptic's other MMO Champions Online, as well as the recently released Star Trek title.

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Maticus3209d ago

That would've been an incredible start, shame, but it's still not bad for either game.

Leord3209d ago

I think there's plenty of chance there will be loads of STO players tbh.

AndyA3209d ago

Lol, thought that sounded a bit optimistic.

Fyzzu3209d ago

Just a tad. Not that I'm happy to see it's false, or anything; I just didn't really believe that when I first saw it.

Malfurion3209d ago

It's still pretty impressive IMO. Champions is good fun, I just don't have time for it anymore. STO is insanely popular, still enjoying that one :)

Demonsdown3209d ago

A lot of those are going to be double or even triple accounts. I know I have 3 cryptic accounts and I haven't even bought either game from them.

Actual active accounts after the first 30 days are what counts. Not how many people buy the box or even box sales there are a percentage of them that will never be activated by game collectors and just plain old Star Trek memorabilia collectors that got it to add to the pile of trek junk in their basement and never have any intention of playing the game.