Blu-ray: Sony First to add Multi-Language TrueHD Support and New Subtitle Feature

High-Def Digest Reports:

In addition to a English Dolby TrueHD track, which Sony has already introduced on a couple of notable previous Blu-ray releases (including 'Stomp the Yard' and the blockbuster 'Ghost Rider'), 'Immortal Beloved' will also boast TrueHD tracks in both French and Spanish -- a first for a domestic Blu-ray or HD DVD release.

Even more innovative is a user-controlled subtitle feature, which allows the viewer to adjust the position of text based on display format. As has often been common with films like 'Immortal Beloved' shot in a wide 2.35:1 aspect ratio, subtitles often "bleed" into the letterbox ares of the picture, which many consumers find distracting, and (in case of those with large front-projector set-ups with variable aspect ratio screens) can cause the subtitles to be partially or completely cut off during display.

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drtysouf214196d ago

Nice that they are expanding the TrueHD and that subtitle thing is good.

ArduousAndy4195d ago

this article is pure crap i mean come on Ghost Rider a Blockbuster? Bull.

BlackIceJoe4195d ago

I think it is great to see Sony supporting more then one langauge in Future Blu Ray titles. I think this will be good step in the right direction. Because Not every one speaks English so this way other people can see the movie too.

Also ArduousAndy Ghost Rider may not have been the best movie out there but when it came out it made over 100 million in its first week. So some people must have loved it. Also GR looks great in Blu Ray. So I think that is what the article is saying. Because BR really makes the CGI look better.